I can finally see that, you’re right there beside me
I am not my own, for I have been made new
Please don’t let me go
I desperately need you

~Meteor Shower (I Desperate Need You) by Owl City

30/6-13, one year ago, a certain two female beings discovered their love for each other. Now, a whole year later, they are still together.
Of course, I’m talking about me and my beloved girlfriend, Ajue. Cheers for one more year, bby! :D


And suddenly. There was a fourth member of the family. :b

Nah, he ain’t canon juuuust yet. Only if Ajue’s up for having this little clumsy fellow in the family. c: His first run with his sister didn’t go very well. Then again. He was born only a few minutes before this.
Yeah, I have my own headcanon for MLPs. Going for the original fact about horses. They’ll be running around playing only minutes after birth.

Aaaand each pony on their own individual canvas. Cause I sketched them all by themselves. c:
And no, he ISN’T an alicorn. He’s just having some trouble controlling his half changeling side.

To be colored~