mutemutie said:

✤ Pacific Rim.

Waaaaaaaaaah i haven’t seen this one yet eitherrrrrr

but I know enough about Kaiju movies to do THIS [y’all should probably watch Godzilla: Final Wars to understand what I’m about to lay down]

In the year 20XX, the human genome had been cracked, and a new gene, called the M-Gene, had been discovered. An elite team of soldiers was bred with this gene and became known as Mutants. Each possessed enhanced strength, endurance, agility and stamina. Two such mutants, Kurt and Wanda, began a secret affair and, unknown to their superiors (until it became obvious, anyway), begat a child, whom they named TJ.

TJ grew up under the intense scrutiny of M-Corps, pushed to be her very best, but some part of her longed for the freedom to be a normal girl. An opportunity to prove herself arose when Rodan emerged from his volcanic slumber and began ravaging eastern Asia.

She had to be rescued by her parents, but she discovered valuable intel that day: Kaiju cannot see between their own legs.