ajsarf asked:

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Thank you so much!!! You’re super cool!

45. “Do you come from a family of money?” I wouldn’t say that we’re rich, my family is kind of high middle class. My dad and mom are both information technologists and my mom owns her own small business while my dad works for Dell. 

47. “What is your favorite series of books?” I would have to go with… the I am Not a Serial Killer trilogy. I literally read those things fifty times. They aren’t well known but they are really fucking good.

50. “Five random facts about yourself” 1. I’m currently procrastinating about homework 2. I am a sarcastic and pessimistic atheist, if that gives you a good idea of what is going on in my head. 3. Today I looked hella cute because I got a hair cut and my make up looked really nice. 4. Everyone thinks me and one of my best friends is dating, which is really annoying because it makes things awkward :( 5. I get lonely, but I guess everyone does.