ohman oh man a new phone that i can put riNGTONES ON?!?!

okay so here’s what im trying to get so far

1. Keisuke’s akira song thing idk what this is even called really but i like the part where he gets all evil and shit

2. Tiger and bunny’s good luck mode (for texts)

3. Mr Popo’s evil laugh from dragonball z abridged (cAMRI THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR RINGTONE AND TEXT TONE OMFG)

4. Kagami’s THIS IS JAPANESE LUNCH TIME RUSH (another ringtone i guess…or maybe for texts???)

5. Then Togainu no Chi’s game ost haunt (for a regular ringtone for regular ppl)



now how do i get these on to my phone lets see internet enlighten me /google search