And finally the digital version is up! :)

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At this update, any and all proceeds made from the online version will go to the Domestic Crisis Violence Service ACT ( However, if you know of a charity that you think deserves our support, please email me to let me know!

What you get with this download

  • 8 beautiful pinups by very talented Australian zine and comic artists, in one handy PDF
  • APRIL 2014 VERSION: This digital zine collates both of the hardcopy versions sold at the CZE Canberra Zine Fair 2014.

An old friend of mine ajadeart looking like a million dollars at her ZICS stall. And bellow is the favourites from my haul. would you believe I spent  $100 today? At a zine festival!!?

Top row;
'2 words for paper' - E J Zyla
Stickers made by mamath which are pretty funky awesome.
'Read once and destroy' compilated by Julia Eff through PioneerPress (because I’ll buy anything packed full of cute punk boys)

Middle row;
'Escape Velocity' 1&2 by mamath and msrosek
'Levitate' by ajadeart
'Useless King' by Kittyhawk through filthyfigments

Bottom row;
'Rum-Muffel' by stevelarder and morgenmuffel
'Work in progress' by gemmaflack
'Seven' vol 3 by ajadeart
old noblerotmag issues

This character is Alisha's girl from her cute little mini comic Levitate. I stole mercilessly from Alisha’s style. Style emulation is always interesting.

This art is going into the ZICS Pozible Reward A2 poster. Hopefully the end product is cute. Every character is drawn in its native style though and it’s tough getting them to look cohesive tbh. I’m inking/painting/compiling the thing so hopefully that’ll be enough to pull it all together.

And yet another submission for YES | NO, from the most impressively fast ajadeart - for everyone who’s seen the gorgeous pencils but hasn’t gotten to see these inks yet. A very cool play on “bad girls and good girls”.

And with that I’ll be posting up where to download the digital version by this weekend. :)


Eeeeee I decided to do something I’ve never done before and make a preorder for I Grew Up Beautiful available! It will come with one of two mini prints of the concept illustrations as a thank you for preordering!

It will be printed in time for Supanova Gold Coast (April) but if it is done sooner I’ll send it out (unless you want to pick it up at Snova and get both free little prints to make up for shipping!) as soon as it’s done!

I’m SUUUUPER excited to get this out and stapled and BEAUTIFUL so I hope you’ll preorder!




I’ve been linked to so many things lately like ‘23 looks hated by men’ and ‘women with short hair aren’t hot’ etc etc and VOMIT. Just the idea that anyone would assume that a woman dresses to please them is disgusting. Like, physically repellent. And to believe that this assumption gives you the right to say a woman should or shouldn’t look a certain way or wear certain things to be attractive makes you someone I’m GLAD I’m not ‘attractive’ to, because hell, then I’d have to deal with you. 

I look and dress the way I choose because that’s the way I like to look and dress for ME. Your opinion on my appearance? Don’t care, and assuming otherwise just makes you a creep.

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Finally sat down and did the colours for this! It’s called Hot/Cold, and I came up with it after a dream I had in Japan and wrote it on the plane home. It’s probably one of the cutest, warmest, FLUFFIEST things I’ve ever done and now I just feel like punching someone and grinning.

I’ll do this up as a little mini at some point soon, maybe in a few weeks. Once I’m over the shock of how adorable it is!

Also slightly NSFW.

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UWAAAAH my new minicomic “Jellyfish” is all done!

It’s not all above since tumblr does awful things to some images - to read the full comic download the FREE PDF HERE!

I’ll be doing a short run print version soon for ZICS and online - if you would like a limited, sketched in print copy, check out the PREORDER! It’ll only be running for a short time so if you want one don’t wait too long!

I’m super proud of this little comic - it’s really super shaped by by anxieties over the past months but turned out so cute and pretty and THE LAST PAGE OMG came out so well! I really hope you all like it <3

Thank you for being awesome and supporting me!



Was on a bit of a roll last night with helpless feelings. I’ve been working so long on so many things that have PURPOSE. I forget to take time to really feel what I’m doing and just draw. These are what came out of those feelings.


Anyway. These two will be a little yuri mini I’ll start soon. I have become lost to mini comics.


I want to challenge myself this year so yesterday I pencilled my first mini comic zine thing about a childhood experience that still rather follows me from regular holidays on North Stradbroke Island. It’s 4 pages long and in a 9 panel format, and I’ll be doing some grey shading in copics.

Childhood fear is a subject I’d like to try to make a few minis on - it’s fascinating to look at what terrified me as a child and how it translates to my habits now.