So, I’m with my family, currently seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway, and I somehow forgot AJ was in it now, and he’s playing Elder Cunningham for our performance (he’s an understudy) and OMG he is FUCKING AMAZING! I’m not just saying it because I LOOOOVE AJ and Starkid and everything. He is truly doing a phenomenal job and it makes me smile so hard.

You know, We’ve watched the members of Starkid for years. Cheered for them and laughed at their musicals. But seeing them /make it/ and living their dream, it’s fucking amazing. AJ’s just an understudy right now, but this performance proves he can be up their in a supporting role (with solos and lines in every scene and all that jazz) and steal the fucking show. I can’t wait until the day I see him in the lead role on Broadway. Because he deserves it and he’s worked hard and he is sooo fucking GOOD.

AJ and so many other members of Starkid just remind you that whatever your dream is, if you work at it and do everything you can, one day you’ll be up their, doing everything your passionate about and everything you ever dreamed of.

It’s only intermission, but I can already say AJ fucking stole this show. So proud of him!