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She follows the same route every day, which of course, isn’t odd considering most people who live in this part of the city have a familiar exercise routine. Except she always pushed herself another half mile every day, which puts her up to five miles, but this isn’t strange either. What is strange? Her curiosity about the same man she passes by on the daily, because she’s never quite been so curious about someone as she is about him. Maybe because she sees him every morning, during every run she’s ever made, or maybe it’s because they essentially follow the same path, but something draws her closer to him today - draws her to pull up to a stop near the bench he’s using as his personal stretching post to make her own stretches. Panting, sweaty and slightly out of breath, because anyone who’d run four and a half miles already likely would be (unless she wasn’t as in shape as she thought), Aiyana shoots him a brilliant smile. “Hey.” Really? Hey? That’s it? Brilliant, Aiya, brilliant.

[All Innocent. All Killed. All Black. All Unarmed.]

- Aiyana Stanley

- Amadou Diallo

- Corey Brown

- DeAunta Terrel Farrow

- Derrick Jones

- Emmett Till

- Guy Jarreau Jr.

- Jimmell Cannon

- Kenneth Harding

- Kiwane Carrington

- Orlando Barlow

- Oscar Grant

- Ousmane Zongo

- Patrick Dorismond

- Ramarley Graham

- Reginald Doucet

- Rekia Boyd

- Ronald Madison

- Sean Bell

- Steven Eugene Washington

- Tarika Wilson

- Travares McGill

- Trayvon Martin

- Victor Steen

- Wendell Allen


Black women and girls lost to gun violence, police brutality, intimate partner violence and transphobia:


Dana Larkin

Kassandra Perkins

Rekia Boyd

Tarika Wilson

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Adaisha Miller

Brandy Martell

Deanna Cook Patrick

Tyisha Miller

Ashley Sinclair

We remember your names and we honor your lives.


❤ Rest In Peace Aiyana Stanley-Jones ❤ 

Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Never forget her or the State violence that took this beautiful 7-year-old Black girl away from her family. Never forget that the struggle for accountability for the killer (Joseph Weekley; who now may only face a misdemeanor; no manslaughter charge) and the State reveals the violence of the system itself.

Never forget that this violence also impacts Black girls and Black women, especially Black trans women, as well as other Black people who are not cishet Black men; non-binary Black people, Black sex workers, Black LGBTQIA people and people who are combinations of these identities.

Recognize how this impacts us does not mean to then ignore the very real intraracial gendered/sexualized violence, and that existence of the latter is not a free pass for the State to engage in violence on Black girls or any Black people. The existence of intraracial violence, what every race experiences, is not an excuse for the State to engage in systemic violence on Black bodies. Besides, the very idea that State violence on Black bodies is for “punishment” for intraracial behavior is a facet of anti-Blackness; the notion that we have to “audition” for humanity itself and that “respectability" can "earn/prove" it (which it cannot).

Violence like this is a reproductive justice issue (H/T Loretta Ross) for Black women and other Black people who can get pregnant. (Reproductive justice addresses a combination of factors beyond solely pro-choice rhetoric; freedom from and to conceive has a long history for Black women.) It is a feminist issue. It matters. It shapes the fear that some Black people have about having children. So many of those murdered are under the age of 25. Again, this little Black girl was 7 years old.

(Thanks to @sassycrass for raising her name again last night on Twitter and to @MsJamilahAisha for creating the petition. I made the remembrance graphic; photos are from The Associated Press and Voice of Detroit.)

This post is not to compare gender struggles or play battle of the sexes. Its to make people aware that many times when tragedies happen to black women our communities are not as outraged as they should be. When black women/girls are murdered, raped, abused, and/or kidnapped.

Renisha McBride being shot in the face by some racist because she asked for help or 7-year old Aiyana Jones murdered while she was sleeping by a police officer is equally important to the popular cases of Black Men being murdered by these fucking pigs.

We as black men ( and black women) need to be more proactive about fighting for our Queens when they are being mistreated.


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Renisha McBride is the latest Black person on a long list of extrajudicial killings by White cops or White vigilantes with structural power supporting them; a list that I couldn’t fit in a single tweet and a list that existed long before I was born. Painful. Tiring.

And for any Whites seeking to inflict more pain as a source of pleasure to mask the emptiness that the delusions fostered by White supremacy create, or bring up President Obama or drones to derail from what Black people experience here, or derail via the old lie that “nobody cares” about intraracial crime, read the post with her linked name and the links within it. Your opinions aren’t needed on this particular tweet.

Wishing her family a lot of kindness and strength right now.


J. Cole is one of my favorite artists and his latest single “crooked smile” is a deep video with meaningful content. The song alone speaks to a lot of the struggles of self-love and image issues in society. In the video J. Cole plays a young drug dealer who has his family’s house raided by police and in the process they shoot and kill his younger sister who is innocently exiting her bedroom. The video is to shed light on police murder and brutality and their “war on drugs that target mainly people of African Descent.


It also pays tribute to Aiyana Jones as it re-enacts the story of how she was shot and killed by police while she was lying on the couch and they were raiding her home in search of “Drugs”. They were filming a TV show and yet the video evidence was not acknowledged, The police proclaim it was an accident. Another case of injustice against our people. There isn’t enough awareness that can be brought to this topic and I want to salute J. Cole for doing so. True Artist Shit… Cole World… SanCopha!


Written By: @Champion_Us

anonymous said:

Get over it, seriously.

I dare you to say this to Mike Brown’s family.

To Kajieme Powell’s family.

To Vonderrit Myers’ family.

To Eric Garner’s family.

To Darrien Hunt’s family.

To Ezell Ford’s family.

To Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ family.

To John Crawford’s family.

To Kendrec McDade’s family.

To Rekia Boyd’s family.

To Miriam Carey’s family.

To Amadou Diallo’s family.

To Oscar Grant’s family.

To Sean Bell’s family. 

To Ramarley Graham’s family.

I dare you to say this off anon.