aiwa draws


some doodles of me and my friends’ gemsonas+fusions for reference
proportions/body types aren’t exact yet tho O:
Ceylonite: sapphire+spinel. Chrysocolla: aquamarine+onyx. Malachite: aquamarine+sapphire. Dioptase: onyx+sapphire. Beryl: aquamarine+spinel. Goethite: onyx+spinel.
ametrine doesn’t have any fusions yet since I made her just now for the wife
I might make one of her ametrine and my spinel after I make a simple ref for Diamond, which is Onyx+Spinel+Aquamarine+Sapphire fused!


why did it take so long for me to succumb to drawing her
idk but hey look I even made a wallpaper by accident~!looks kinda christmasy, no? o u o

free to use as long as you give credit of course! 
and if anyone uses it let me know! I want to see~!

I normally don’t like using my own art as wallpaper (looking at my own art all the time is weird!) but even this vanellope doodle has become my desktop wallpaper on my laptop! 
anyway there’s gonna be more art posted today but those won’t be posted here but on my dA or personal. if you want those just ask 


dresses or tux? hmmmm
Pes got some va va voom going on in that dress
e w e;

have I ever mentioned I’m a big fan of those wedding shows and stuff on TLC?
…cause I am…
I could watch What not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress (even Bridesmaid!) for hours without being bored.
and if you haven’t guessed already I drew these watching Say Yes to the Dress

merry! you’re still going to wear that silly ribbon on your big day?