“It is with great enthusiasm that we inform you that you’ve earned conditional acceptance to begin your studies at our school starting October 6, 2014.” I’ve been officially accepted to the Art Institute of Seattle to finish my Bachelor’s degree! My life is going to be changing drastically and I am so excited and ready for it! New life. New teachers. New friends, but I won’t ever forget the people who I love and have supported me. New apartment. New adventures. New food. New opportunities. Oh yeah, and @anniebrb1, I forgot she’s gonna be right there along with me ;) #aistudents #ai #aiseattle #interiordesign #newstart #itstimetobegin

Maid Yume Character Profile

Name – Yume

Age – 26

Birthdate – Oct. 7, 1989

Western Astrology – Virgo

Chinese Astrology – Yang Fire Goat

Blood Type – AB+

Moe Type: DereDere

Hometown – Seattle, WA

High School – Seattle Academy

College – AISeattle (AAA Pastry Arts)

Special Move: Face Filling Pastry Service

Secret Technique: Dream Cosplay Ranbu  *Not Yet Unlocked*

We also released a new piece of art today depicting Maid Yume’s special move, Face Filling Pastry Service, as our new Facebook cover photo!

Art by Faith Unterseher