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can i tell you about my ocs they are big dumbs and so am i

yes of course you can i would love if yo u did (shoul d i get on msn„„)

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Giant eyeball twins on bodies of stick thing black bony matter created from the eyes of a personification of death that roam the universes and purloin peoples souls

steph did i ever mention i love personifications of death because i do and yours is really wonderful and that sounds horribly and atrociously wonderful i want 2 kno more o mg 

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Omg perfect I have some drawings of them up check fortunacasque.tumblr dems my artblog and I have an OC blog for Demby (he’s death) sometimes he lets the children mess around on the internet for a bit omg

oH MY GOSH I DIDNT KNO U HAD AN ARTBLOG AND OM G TLEL ME THE LINK (ive heard of demby he sounds great og h myo gd)


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ok here we go! my crush lives on literally the other side of the planet, and she has curly hair and glasses and loves pokemon and dumb sitcoms, and shes really extraordinarily patient and compassionate with my dumbness and i actually think i literally owe her my life?? and she talks about the both of us moving somewhere cold and rainy together and getting married, and she doesnt think my anxieties are stupid, and wow i dont have enough characters to tell you how great she is shes my favourite!!!

aaaaaaa gosh anon that is reALLY CUTE AND SWEET OMg ;vvv;
im happy 4 u two and goodness gracious i wish you guys the best yvvvvvvy