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First off, I want to say that I do not wish Maia to harm herself, If anything, I want her to seek help. Maia, if you are reading this, please get help. 

So this is how it all went down. Maia joined a Facebook Flight Rising group I am in. At first, everything was fine. She was being friendly, and giving away stuff to members. Then she started showing her true colors. She began asking for free things, expecting people to discount things waaaay down for her. And when she didn’t get her way, she threw fits.

Then came THE post.

This is what was posted in this thread.

(In this post, names are color coded to protect the identity of those involved. Same color = same person)

While more was said, these are not my screenshots. After she had been called out about her comments, she deleted them and pretended they didn’t happen. I came in after the ‘clean up.’

After these posts, she was warned. Still, she continued. And thus…

She has since been kicked from the group, and made her own.

Extra links for proof.

anonymous asked:

What are the best sources on the internet to search for cheap international airline tickets?

If you’re flexible, is a great one! 

I mostly do my general searching and browsing on But I like to book my ticket on, because they have a free 24 hour cancellation period. If you find a great deal, just book it, then think on it for 24 hours, and if it doesn’t work out with your schedule, or it isn’t a good time, then cancel it, no harm done.  That’s what I did for that amazing deal I found for China. I saw the deal as soon as posted it, I called my friend, we quickly booked it on Orbitz before the deal went away, and then me and my friend were like, “okay, let’s take about 20 hours or so and think about it, look at our schedules, and talk to our bosses, and if it all works out, we’ll go to China!”. And that my friends is how it’s done! 

Can anyone recommend a site or airline with cheaper airfare?

My sister and I are trying to visit my mom in Hawaii (Big Island) somewhere between mid-July and mid-August, but the lowest I’ve seen so far is $953, which is pushing it…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Maia lives in Costa Rica. While the validity of the claims is up in the air, she says that she requires medical help and is trying to raise 500$ dollars. This is what her DA post says, uncut and unedited.

Hey guys! 

Get ready for a long explanation why I really really need your help.

Update: I’ve earned $100 out of $500! Woo! 


So. I don’t know how many of you know, but one of our volcanoes here in Costa Rica is erupting. Right now, it isn’t that bad, it’s spewing out gas, ash and lava, but the lava isn’t a threat to us. What is, is ash. Our house is filled with a thin layer of ash. 
I’ve been having some respiratory problems. Sore throat, burning and feeling of cuts deep in my esophagus, coughing stuff up. Luckily no blood. 

Here’s some footage of the eruption.…

 We’ve had earthquakes which indicate there is maybe more lava pouring into the chamber. 

The bottom line is my parents and I are talking about leaving. Until this ends.
It might be a while, so we’re looking into airfare. But… 
Of course, I don’t have a huge reservoir of cash lying around… I need to earn minimum of $500 in the next weekish. I can probably have a little wiggle room, but. I want to earn it. I don’t want free money. Period. 


I cannot get a job, since previous jobs made it impossible for me to work here. 
 I was. In a nutshell, sexually harassed and reported him to my boss, and was fired for slander. In Costa Rica slander of a person is illegal. And now I cannot work here.
  So my only form of income is in commissions until I get to the states. And I do plan to get a job while in the states. Costco or Petco. Best buy or other. Those are my ideal spots.

I want to do commissions. Let me say it again. I do not want donations, I do not want free money. 
I want to be able to get this ticket, on hard earned sweat and tears.

So, now onto commissions

I have unlimited slots open for commissions so I can get this money earned as quickly as possible, so. The more I have, it might take a little longer to get some done. However. All will be done.

Here are some examples.

I can and will be adding furries to my examples as soon as I have more than one…

These are some of my best. So I will put my best ones forward. 

Here are the commission prices……

I will offer a deal like get two get one free too. 

So, if you guys want awesome art, and at reasonable prices. Please, consider helping me get out of this nasty, dry, dusty place D: I really wish it was the rainy season.


I looked up the eruption myself on other news outlets and should add, there is no lava. ( )

UPDATE: 10:30 a.m. Sat., March 14

Volcanologists believe the incandescent material seen last night spewing from Turrialba Volanco was not lava but rather chunks of rock heated to extremely high temperatures.

Ash filled the air downwind of the volcano, particularly around Heredia, on Saturday morning.

Volcanic ash can aggravate respiratory problems and, occasionally, cause skin irritation. 

So while the ash is plausible, her insisting of lava being a possible threat isn’t.

The airport has also reopened.

On a another news outlet however, there is conflicting evidence. An article, only a day old (Hours younger than Maia’s postings) the residents of Turrialba had been interviewed.

But Rowe is unconcerned. She shares a common sentiment in the town of Turrialba, home to some 35,000 people: the eruptions have almost no effect on valley residents. There have been no toxic gases, no monsoons of ash, not even a funny smell. 

If anyone can come forward with solid reporting of what exactly is happening, that would be wonderful.

Another thing to note, is the reveal of Maia’s job situation. She had a job, lost it, and now legally cannot work ever again in Costa Rica? 

Is that even a law? Can someone confirm this?

I looked up defamation laws in Costa Rica with a simple google search. I found nothing that indicates ‘shit talking’ can cause anyone to lose their chance at employment country wide.

Infact in 2010 prison sentences for defamation were outlawed. The worst that can happen is she could be fined.

I call bullshit.

- Howl

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Great idea the next time the Europeans go on strike....

An airline passenger stripped naked at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport after apparently becoming upset that his US Airways flight was overbooked.

WCNC TV of Charlotte says the man “stripped down to the buff right in front of everyone, including kids.” He remained in the gate area for about 40 minutes until police led him away, the station reports.

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do we die for nothing…

what is it in our remembrance that reminds us to forget with so many trying to remind us is it in our better interest to reflect on a hurtful angry history or how we have overcome better yet how do we claim victory in a battles they create:  do  we die for something, do we die for nothing or do we turn and run or do we pretend that we belong mimic his actions so closely that we believe that we are one  and all who are not have not proven themselves worthy to lay at his throne pull up them boot straps brotha our time has come except in freedom, equality and justice for everyone …what is it in our remembrance that reminds us to forget?  

Anon Asks:

All i have to ask is: What is the point in all this? what do you, who write this blog, have to gain? from what i’ve seen, you’re wasting your time.


Alright, since literally the same question is being asked over and over, I suppose an analogy is needed to explain so let’s have a mini story time, shall we? (And since there are rather dense people “reading” I will clarify that this story is not a real story though the events are similar. It is to be used for example purposes only.)         

Once upon a time, a young lady, that we shall call Mary, decided she was bored and hoped online to have some fun on the world wide web. After blogging with her friends, Mary noticed a reblog asking people to come to the aide of another young lady being abused by her family. Mary, being the kindhearted person she is, immediately joins the group to help in any way she can and starts donating time, money, and affection to the poor abused girl. Months pass and Mary has made friends with the girl and chats with her regularly now that the girl has been removed from her horrible situation and they are quite happy! *Yay!!*

One day, the subject of the abuse was brought up by another friend of both Mary and the girl but to Mary’s surprise, the girl responded a little angrily that the abuse wasn’t as bad as people made it seem! 

Mary, confused since the girl had said herself that she was in need of escape from the horrible abuse, starts asking the girl to clarify only to be met with hostility!

Now confused and a little hurt, Mary started chatting with others of the support group that was made for the abused girl and realized that quite a few things weren’t adding up! Mary immediately took the girl aside and tried to ask about the things she discovered and was sure that there must be some sort of misunderstanding since this was her good and wonderful friend! When the girl started to explain her side, tagging on excuses to every lie that she revealed while still denying responsibility for the lies told. Mary couldn’t believe it! This girl she knew for such a long time and counted as a friend had lied to her! Word spread to the others as they each began to question the situation.

The girl, feeling cornered now that her stories had been unraveled, quickly fled back home and started erasing all the evidence she could of the whole situation and cut ties with everyone who felt anger for her deceit.

Mary, feeling hurt as well decided to LET THE SITUATION DROP. ‘Why not just wipe my hands clean of the situation and just move on with my life?’ She thought. ‘Surely she learned her lesson, being in so much trouble for what she did.’  

Months pass again and Mary felt quite happy as she once again explored the world wide web…until one day, on another one of her favorite sites, she saw a rather familiar plea for help and donations. Mary shrugged it off since there are many people that do so but as time passed, posts started popping up about it until Mary saw that these posts were almost 100% like the posts during her situation once the girl she helped was caught. So Mary sent a message to the people complaining and discovered it was, in fact, the same girl! She did it again! Now more people have been tricked out of time, money, and affection and are hurt.

Mary couldn’t take it anymore. PERHAPS IF MARY HAD SPOKEN OUT SOONER, OTHERS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TRICKED! So she gathered up all the information she could and created a Callout blog dedicated to preventing the girl from repeating her offense again. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End story time.

Alright. Now, before her defenders start up about giving her a second chance, let me once more direct them to the Flight Rising fiasco. THAT was her second chance and she blew it. The fact that there was already a group posting and complaining about her BEFORE any of it was screen-capped and submitted to this blog speaks VOLUMES. Luckily, people realized what she was on about before it got to far.

The difference between Mary and I in our reactions is: I didn’t let the situation pass the first time. Even if there is a chance she won’t do it a third time, I am not willing to chance hundreds of others well-being mentally and otherwise for her sake.

Do I believe she can change? YES. I wholeheartedly believe she can change one day but I don’t see it any time soon. Especially as long as there are people constantly removing the blame of her actions from her along with the responsibilities involved. She will never grow from her mistakes if all she gets is a slap on the wrist and a finger wag.

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anonymous asked:

What are the best resources you've used to find cheap airline tickets? I need to be flying into Rome beginning in June but tickets are not cheap at all...

I just use Kayak and sometimes Skyscanner. 

The key to buying cheap international tickets is to book far in advance. I’m afraid there’s not really any tricks to snagging a great deal this close to your departure. Nonstop flights are going to be really expensive, if you’re not doing it already, look at flights with stopovers.