Lorde perfectly calls out media photoshopping

Lorde has once again shown herself to be a completely awesome feminist crusader.

When the young singer spotted a heavily-airbrushed picture of herself floating around the Internet, she decided to take a stand for natural beauty by tweeting an unedited shot alongside it. Turns out she — horror of horrors — has zits like any other 17 year old.

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'We have a moral obligation to ban the airbrush': Debenhams vows not to retouch model shots… and calls on others to follow suit

"Airbrushing and other trickery are not necessary in order for women to look beautiful. Hopefully this act will demonstrate that products such as lingerie modelled by real women who have not been retouched can sell just as well as products advertised with extensive airbrushing, which has become the norm. Men and women can feel good about themselves knowing that beauty is not about achieving the unachievable” - Lingerie designer Aliza Reger

Honestly, I find it so weird they photoshop the shape of breasts like, what? Looks like they might even have changed her skintone a smidge. I like the version of her beforehand. it looks a lot more natural and I can actually relate to her more, which I think is helpful in advertising, no?


Celebrity Airbrushing is Getting Out of Hand [Click to see before picture]

We all know that magazines use airbrushing and photoshop to erase anything that doesn’t fit with society’s standard of beauty. But when does a “touch up” become complete revisionism? Here are some of the worst offenders.