Finally got around to watching Smackdown Here are some thoughts of mine

Rhodes v Booker: thank god Cody won. Hopefully they will end this stupid feud and have him feud with someone decent

OMG!! I cant… Santino you are freaking hilarious!

I’m loving the new Daniel Bryan He cracks me up with his sarcasm

Slater v Hornswoggle: poor Heath :-( what’s the loss count up to now? Just when you think Jgabe can’t get anymore adorable he proves us wrong, he saves the little guy XD

Ted v Hunico: pretty good match like Ted’s new trunks

Jinder why the hell did you have to ruin the Wade/Sheamus moment? But poor Sheamus, I think he needs a hug On a side Ricky thought Sheamus was Scottish -__- Shame on you Ricky, you should know better! Lmao

Santino v Drew: yay Santino won but that really sucks for Drew

Airboom v Epico & Primo: EVAN!! He is seriously freakin adorable ^_^ Poor little guy nearly got snapped in two :’(

Nat v Tamina: So sick of these short divas matches :-\

Daniel Bryan v Big Show: I enjoyed this matched I laughed at DB when he got show disqualified