To Shift the Currents  - © S. Wilson - 2014

An older drawing from about 2012 - 2013 completed for an album that has long since been abandoned by its founding member. But, none the less, I’d found the drawing while going through some things and decided it might be worth the effort to go back to it, finish it, and allow the work to see the light of day.

Through clouds of smoke and coughs I was looking for you
In empty nights I can’t recall with a racing heart and squinting eyes I’d felt so small
This was before I’d even heard your name
You see, there are sinkers and there are swimmers
I was suffocating
And I was sinking as I searched for you
But as soon as the smoke cleared and I came to the surface, you were there
Treading the water, in search for me as well
And for once in my life, I didn’t need to drown in order to feel something