Okay so i hit up my buddies at their college campus like 45 minutes away from where i live. All is well, we drink a little bit and i roll a joint but then we’re like fuck we don’t have a lighter. So we walk about half an hour to the nearest 7/11 and like a couple minutes down the road we meet this guy who gives us his lighter so we dont have to buy one. Flash forward, we’re back at my friends dorm waiting for them to come out and THERES THE GUY AGAIN so he asked if we have any cigarettes and when we said no, he asked if we had any weed, I felt bad cause he gave us his lighter so invited him to smoke with us. After smoking what we got, he pulls out this strain called fruity loops or something that shit was bomb as fuck. Anyway, he convinces us to go walk to buy cookies but little did i know, that shit was like 30000 miles away. So here he’s got my ass buying him cookies, wings and pizza AND im walking like forever to get there. Long story short - he was mad cool but im way to nice to people smh

Ya’ll aint got shit on this motherfucking beast right here!!!! Get rekt m8!!!! Fucking Talonflame bout clean house!!!!! Priority Brave Bird!!!!!

"In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines

Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines

The smallest one was Madeline”