I believe in radically open, free, and experimental culture. I believe in cultural cross pollination. I relate to culture like I relate to free/libre software. In the same way I want us to consciously contribute to a shared and un-owned cultural wealth. This is a big part of what chaos magick is for me. It’s creating an open magick system free for all and owned by none.

"Be Careful, Some One Might Mistake You For A Thelemite."

     Chaotes have been both saluted and berated for their operating system of paradigm shifting. For some people who aren’t too experienced in Chaos Magick, whether or not they intend to practice it, this means one is trading short term goals for an authentic search for knowledge. As I’ve expressed before (here, here, and here), this isn’t always the case.
     With it’s close relationship with Discordianism, Chaos Magick tends to be a place where people scoff at those who take their paths too seriously. This, perhaps, isn’t to be mistaken for bullying so much as a characteristic of skepticism. It’s also a characteristic of those who want to knock down those who would take a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. This was one of the main points, I believe, of creating a whole new system which left more room for improvisation of the practitioner.
     But where does this leave an individual who is interested in growing from a genuine, albeit temporary, devotion to one paradigm?
     To my knowledge, when you are interested in committing to a specific path, it is generally accepted that you are intending a long-term commitment. This has a potential to discourage the impatient, since most paradigms require some time to get to know intimately. We know that the end result is worth it, but many are too lazy to go through years of practical work and accumulation of knowledge. Thankfully this doesn’t stop many from pursuing what interests them.
     There is a downside to this, though. If a Chaote doesn’t intend in staying on one path, as many don’t, they might struggle with potential teachers becoming frustrated with them and not wanting to accept their choice of proverbial non-monogamy. I have to express my dismay at the lack of people doing this kind of intellectual pursuit.
     With all of that being said, I also have to say that in order to properly pursue knowledge and experience there has to be some level of seriousness taken when undertaking such a venture. This is, perhaps, the most difficult thing to do in the context of the Chaos Magick community. As far as I have experienced, when confronted with some one adamant about something, most Chaotes will throw a line at you about not taking things too seriously. This could be construed as a sort of anti-intellectualism if you want to over-analyze it. Of course one of the basic tenants of Chaos Magick is, as I said above, proverbial non-monogamy towards magickal and spiritual practice, so why is it not commonly understood that every self-identified Chaote already operates under this philosophy?
     After all, just because a person wants to take some *thing seriously for a period of time doesn’t mean they are taking *themselves too seriously. In the end, I think a person who is delving deep in any sort of system is a person to be admired rather than ridiculed.
     Chaos Magick has changed in the last decade. Does the persistence of these attitudes mean that the ones who appreciate change the most are not as ironically secure as once thought?

Occult Neuroscience

Reaction from reading “Behavioural Cut-Ups and Magick” in Thee Psychick Bible part VI…

Please, work an understanding of neuroscience into your magick theories. I love seeing attempts to in factor neuroscience…. BUT…

Your understanding has got to extend beyond cortex and sub-cortical areas. The cortex is not of uniform structure and function, sub-cortical areas are even less uniform. Different areas of cortex handle sensory inputs, language, motor function, action planning, cognitive function, etc. Also lots of integrative areas with multiple inputs. Subcortical areas manage motivating and inhibiting areas of cortex, wake and sleep cycles along with a whole lot more… for example subcortical areas receive direct sensory connections and perform primary processing, even bypassing cortex entirely in some functions (look up olfaction - sense of smell)

A topic such as motivation needs a complex understanding of many areas and how they are connected. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge likely did not have access to modern motivational and language theories that we have today and so his inaccurate descriptions here are forgivable… however anyone writing today has no such excuse. Since I earned my degree in neuroscience a few years back I’ve seen an explosion in the quantity and quality of freely available high-quality information. The wikipedia article are a great starting point.

So, I will call you out on inaccurate characterizations of left/right brain function, sensory systems, cognition, etc etc.

The reason I am such a stickler about these things is because as you get into the functional details you often find concepts such as “motivation” start breaking down in intensely interesting ways such that you end up not just trying to explain motivation but also deconstructing the concept of motivation itself.

From the TOPY website archive, their methodology of sigilization. Or, rather, suggestion of methodology.

In a separate thought… I’ve never much been into the whole misspelling of things which permeates that crowd. Mh. Do what thou wilt and all that good stuff.

The Autonomous Individuals Network has just released the sixth volume of it’s 23 Seconds Ov Time compilations series. Volume 6, entitled THEE PLACE WHERE U R, compiles 46 field recording submissions from projects in 12 different countries, including Instagon, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Chad E Williams, and my own new project The Secret Church of John. THEE PLACE WHERE U R is available online.

Reality is nothing but chaos

Ain independently conceived of chaos magick long before Ain discovered it already had a name and a history. This is how Ain conceived of it…

For me, it started while pondering fractals. Prior to this I had conceived of a world of complicated design and unified purpose. Ain saw how a fractal can unfold from such simplicity driven by nothing but its own simple nature to build its own universes of infinite and infinitely deep complexity.

It was then that iAin began to imagine that my own experience was not the experience of a masterful mechanical design but rather the unfolding of a fractal design. That the world was nothing but an illusion cast by the consistency of the unfolding and repetition of the seed patterns.

There was no world but me. And then some time later ain discovered my own incompleteness. There is no world and no me. There is just a veneer of raw experience that has closed around itself like a bubble. Nothing on the inside expanding into nothing beyond. All of this occurring for no reason but for following its own pattern.

Do what thou wilt becomes the whole of the law.

But it learns to manipulate itself. Because nothing is true and so everything is permitted. Yet it is always it always nothing but itself and nothing besides the nothing into which it must expand. And it continues forward driven by its nature as if longing for some new form. In love with the nothing beyond. And so love is its law. Love under will.

If reality is essentially incomplete then creation is never finished. The world is created in the present moment. The present moment is the sum total of creation. The past and future are not fundamentally real. Past and future is written upon the moment, but is only real as an image. The arrow of time is the meaning written upon the moment. Because this reality is experienced personally that we call this moment’s meaning “Will”.

The progression of time is the continuing progress of creation and destruction of an incomplete reality. So it can be seen that the past and the future are both beyond the abyss of creation. There is nothing besides this moment.

Past and future are illusions, but time is not a merely illusion. There is nothing beyond time.

Another bit from Thee Splinter Test in thee Psychick Bible:

Anything, in any medium imaginable, from any culture, which is in any way recorded and can in any possible way be played back, is now accessible and infinitely malleable and usable to any artist. Everything is available, everything is free and everything is permitted. It’s a firestorm in a shop sale where everything must go.

This gives tell to a key ingredient of the 23 current. We seek individual liberation, individual inspiration, individual meaning. We rebel against the control of ideas to make possible the most liberty of the individual developing their own ideas. We seek to cut up and dismantle the power of our dominant cultures. Do we seek the destruction of the very concept of culture?

Ain have switched to using “Ain” as a substitute for the personal pronoun “I” in contexts to do with magick.

Axiom23 suggests using “we” to assert that there is no need for a unified one-ness of being. “We” recognizes the multiple and potentially incongruent aspects of personality. Ain intend much the same but will put the emphasis on the spaces rather than the characters.

This also is because ov:

  • Identification as voidkin/nullkin. My innermost self is primal non-being. Ain means nothing/negation.
  • To underline my association with the 23 current and intent towards the ain23, autonomous individuals network.
  • A deliberate language-fuck  to disrupt habitual patterns ov self-identification and associated thought.

This is nothing to do with any other pronoun usage. Ain continue to not care what third person pronouns others use for me. Ain will also continue to use “me”, “my”, and “myself” for readability.

11 = Tipareth, 23 = Malkuth

We discovered a diagram yesterday of early qabalah explorations. Ain had drawn the tree of life with the first 11 primes listed in the spheres + da’ath:
Kether : 1=1 (considering 1 as the first prime)
Chokmah: 2=2
Binah : 3=3
Chesed: 4=5
Geburah: 5=7
Tipareth: 6=11
Netzach: 7=13
Hod: 8=17
Yesod: 9=19
Malkuth: 10=23
Da’ath: 11=29

This is a satisfying exploration for many ways including:

Each sphere is here mapped to a irreducible energy that is not the product of any other spheres.

11 at Tipareth is satisfying for thelemic reasons.

23 in Malkuth for chaos magick 23 current.

The upper triad, above the abyss is unchanged.

There are other associations here for those curious to explore.

Ain 23 Chicago

Announcing my intent to start an Ain 23 / TOPY inspired chaos magick working group here in Chicago.

Have not heard back from thee station. Going it alone. Hope to receive official blessings at some future date.

Will post workings under #ain23 and #ain23chicago. Message me or just join in on the tags if you are interested.

Much l-ov-e.

Reading Thee Psychick Bible, just got to “Thee Splinter Test”. It’s talking about cut-ups and the “contagion theory” of magick:

… No matter how short, or apparently unrecognizable a “sample” might be in linear time perception, I believe it must, inevitable, contain within it (and accessible through it), the sum total of absolutely everything its original context represented, communicated or touched in any way; on top of this it must also implicitly include the sum total of every individual in any way connected with its introduction and construction within the original (host) culture, and every subsequent (mutated or engineered) culture it in any way, means or form, has contact with forever (in past, present, future and quantum time zones).

I disagree. I think what is really going on that makes the cut-up effective isn’t that each piece is somehow connected to its entire history but because each piece can be used as a seed to grow, in a fractal like pattern, a new creation. The new creation is seeded by the piece, but is a mutation away from it. There is no reason to insist that it must contain all of the information of the source. All that we need to know is:

* The product will be experienced by an audience with some similar cultural experience such that they will (sub-consciously) make similar connections.

* Where there are gaps in interpretation, the audience will find something to splice in. Most likely, what is suggested by cultural experience.

This is a much better explanation. If somebody samples a bit of John Lennon, people with more experience and connections with John Lennon get more out of it. People without the same experience either just won’t get it or will connect meanings in other ways to produce unpredictable interpretations.

Art is all the time interpreted differently by people with different backgrounds.

This is part of the problem with cultural appropriation. When we take something it doesn’t come with its full context embedded inside it.

When we take something from another culture we lack most of what its context. I think that is why appropriation is so attractive. We get this really amazing concept or symbol and it implies all this stuff we don’t remotely comprehend. We consider it and we see all these wonderful gaps in our understanding and into each gap we see potential new discovery, what we do is often new creation. We imagine what it might mean and come up with something that resonates in some amazing way and we run with it. We run with it away from the original context.

We create some wonderful or horrible new mutant form or idea with cross-breed DNA. Some mutt that to us is beautiful but strikes others as a travesty. We break up the purebred culture. In our minds we fuck with ideas we’re not supposed to be fucking and produce our mutant offspring which may just be the start of a new species.


We’re kicking off this chicago based chaos magick working group on the 23rd at 23:00. If you want to take part, perform thee sigil ov 3 liquids and document. You don’t need to be in chicago to take part in the energies, but we will plan on meeting once or twice a month here to talk l-ov-e, l-if-e, and magick..

Please adapt thee sigil ritual to suit your personality and style. Post documentation on tumblr under #ain23chicago and #ain23.

If anyone from ain23 reads this, please contact me. We would love for this to be officially connected to thee station.

Much l-ov-e.