5 trolls cause this all takes place in the same setting/story ^^. This takes place well before the ancestors, in the troll equivalent of the early copper ages. The characters are part of a nomadic desert tribe called the Dust Children.

Normally I tell people to submit one troll at a time, but this seems short enough that it’s okay. The art looks nice!

Ailara: ♀ 9 sweeps, lime blood. lusus: double-tailed alligator, (sacrificed).  Priestess, looked into the sun with one eye (on purpose, no ones know why), cut out the ruined eye and wears a false eye of obsidian glass, claims she can see the gods through the false eye. Manipulative and secretive, with unknown goals, up for debate whether she is crazy or prophetic.  (spoiler: yes)


Vasana: ♀ 6.5, teal. Lusus: snake (on her arm). Originally from WindRaiders tribe, an aggressive tribe known for attacking others under the cover of sandstorms. The most promising young raider in the tribe until she used her skills and reputation to save Nieman. Aggressive, sullen and fiercely protective of Nieman.


Nieman: ♂ 5, cobalt. lusus: rat-scorpion (killed). Quite and submissive, he surprised all of the WindRaiders when he raised a group of followers and killed the chief, declaring himself cheif, (partly because his lusus insisted that he deserved to lead “lesser trolls”). His followers were killed, but Vasana helped him escape. Vasana killed his lusus during the fighting, b/c she felt it was evil, but never told him she did. They were found by the Dust Children, and haven’t told them what happened.


Mihree: ♀ 14, bronze. lusus: bear (lost during capture). Captured from a rival tribe when she was 7 sweeps old, and made into the Chief’s Matesprit. Sweet and agreeable, and so nice she tries to hug dangerous monsters. Morials with Gojayn, though they are secretly a bit more flushed than that. She is too cautious to wear gojayns color, but likes his bravado in wearing hers.

What a cutie!

Gojayn: ♂ 11 sweeps, indigo. lusus: lizard with fly wings. Easy going and cheeky, his approach to life is to stick his bulge in things and see what happens (things= Ailara and Mihree). The second highest blood in the tribe, after the chief, he brazenly consorts with the chiefs matesprite and flaunts her color. Has a knack for being where trouble is.



Ailara ♥/♠ Gojayn (vacillating)

Mihree ♦/♥ Gojayn

Nieman ♦ Vasana

Vasana ♠ Ailara (potential)

Nieman ?? Mihree

Btw, thoughts on the clothing? I tried to base it off desert life and copper age tech.

Their clothing looks great to me!

also sprites:

no fantroll is complete without akwardly proportioned sprites

Did you save those as jpgs? If so, you’ll probably have to start all over again since you’re supposed to save sprites as pngs to make them look nice and pretty. Also, make sure there’s no anti-aliasing on the sprites when you’re making them.

Your trolls look great so far and this looks like a very interesting AU! The most I can say is continue developing them further and thinking about the conflicts that can arise between them. I imagine Mihree isn’t completely happy with having a rival for Gojayn’s flushed affections. Also, what are their last names, if they have any? Thank you for submitting and have a great day!



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