Song: Autoclave by The Mountain Goats
Fandom: Wheel of Time

Style inspired by x and x

Well, here it is. I finally finished it. And I’m actually really proud of it! (Although the scanner screwed my painstakingly-traced lines up a bit, ugh.) 

It’s my first lyricstuck/songset/song comic/lyric comic/whatever you want to call these storming things, although the style is different than most songsets. (In case anyone reading this isn’t in the Homestuck fandom, where these things kinda originated, each panel is usually a full art with the associated lyrics on the frame, rather than what I did, which was both less time-consuming and required less artistic ability.)

Anyways, thanks for looking at it! 

(I finished a long-term project I finished a long-term project I finished a long-term project)