Keeping 10 CM Tall Arashi Part 1 (it’s super adorable~~~) 

Was on FB and found this fandrawn manga in chinese shared by an Arashi group, was so smitten with it I decided to seek permission from the original source and asked to translate it and put on my tumblr.  

Sorry for bad cleaning, I don’t really know how to do it lol. Please do not repost because it took me a few hours to printscreen, crop out, crop together, clean, and translate. 

Will do the other chapters when I’m free. 

When you walked away from me, from the very idea of ‘us’; you left with my feelings, emotion and pity towards you. It feels so great today to know you weren’t special ‘till I made you special. You were another face in the crowd, voice in the silent screams, and I still chose to hear and see you. I would never feel the same towards you, have the same thoughts… The only thing that will change is my facial expression in your direction. I will laugh and smile in your face and you will be forced to live with the guilt of seeing me happy without you. You left, I didn’t.
[trans] Aiba - VoCE - 01/2015


Since VoCE is a beauty entertainment magazine and this particular monthly serial is centered around male bodies, there’s a lot of focus on his body in the interview. Once you get past that, you’ll find plenty of deep and insightful quotes about his views on fate, the struggles in his past, and how his outlook on life has changed. Click on the link to read!

A new path will open up for you if you do your very best to overcome whatever is going on at the moment, and it was in 2006 that I was able to understand that easily.

If something happens to me just to let you know that I love yall. Yall be safe.

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