8 Things I Never Learned in Beauty School

1. Breaking the Base 

Elle G., an important member of AIDM’s staff as Guest Coordinator is a cosmetology graduate who said she loves knowing how to “break the base” for blonde clients. It’s a great trick to quickly lift new growth!

2. How to use a Marcel Iron

Director of Education, Kathy A., has many years in this industry and during her time in cosmetology school learned on an iron that was placed on a stove to heat up! She is a wealth of knowledge about what was and now is in the industry.

3. The proper way to create a “fade” in men’s cuts

AIDM educator, Jessica M., loves a proper fade and has perfected the look through her continued education after beauty school.

4. The importance of Pre-booking clients

In this industry, pre-books are your money makers and guarantee your paycheck! AIDM educator and AVEDA Purefessional, Laura W., wants to emphasize the importance of recognizing this before one graduates their program.

5. How to charge the right prices

Jordyn S., AIDM educator, shared her experience working in the salon and undercharging for wedding styles for a time before she realized the true value of charging correctly for services.

6. Drying the hair past dry

AIDM’s newest instructor, Ashley C, says in order to achieve the smoothest results, dry the hair past dry!

7. How to sew an updo

AIDM educator, coach and AVEDA Purefessional, Madelyn C., has worked her fair share of runway shows in NYC and knows the importance of an updo that needs to stay in place- sew it in!

8. How to properly use guards

Shannon K., AIDM instructor, loves mens cuts and knows there’s many different ways to achieve the desired look for her guest. Knowing how to properly use guards has helped!


A few of our very lucky cosmetology students were hair models for Aveda North American Hair Cutting Director, Ricardo Dinis, during his visit the Aveda Institute Des Moines. And through their experience shared the following:

“These last two days have seriously been amazing. To be a hair model for someone who is at the top of the industry is truly inspiring. It showed me anything is possible if you set your mind to it and I’ve only been in school for 5 days!” - Jessica G.

"Had an amazing day yesterday, learned so much. I love my cut, thanks ricardo!" - Emily B.