Art meme - Draw It Again (2011/2014)

“The true definition of madness is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” - A. Einstein

Aiakos from Saint Seiya, my favourite specter. When I first posted it on Da I babbled a lot it and my general thoughts about the specters and how maddening it must be to remember every single life waisted fighting the same enemies and losing to them only to rise again and fight again and die again, ad infinitum. The feathers represent his loss of identity as he becomes just as hollow and monstrous as his surplis.
I also mention that one little story about Kant and Lampe with the sad motto “Remember to forget”. Memento Oblivisci is the latin translation, if i’m not mistaken.

And yay, progress ?

Painting before Kingdom Con

put some finishing touches on my Necrosurgeon unit, finished a scrap thrall and Aiakos. Two full lists completely painted!!! I think this a first for me. lol

Play it painted. Play it classy

An old character that I never.. really put on TE or DA as often as I useto……

He’s still oen of my favorites, and he’s the main reason why i love angels so much.

He’s a recovering demon turning angel, still trying to atone for his sins. He’s like what.. almost 10 year old oc or something? But this guy screams mary sue because he was almost suspiciously perfect in everything because he was always surrounded by humans. Pretty much he was like my Sebastian, except more stern and knows what he wants to protect.

He started out with red emocut hair, but later on his design changed to having only blonde bangs. He’s naturally a red head and his bf use to be a furry, go figure.

To be honest, I kinda don’t really seen myself as really improved pffht. I really hope its a good wake up call.