life goals:

  • make it into a cosplay music video
  • get onto ahwu somehow
  • parkour without falling on my ass for once
  • meet furry squad
AHWU - Goodbye to Ray
  • Ray:You can find me at blackpeoplemeet under the name "Brownman", I'm also at christianmingle also at "Brownman"
  • Geoff:Oh yeah, Ray quit. Good luck never leaving your apartment for the rest of your life. The only way to see Ray again would be to work for Domino's.
  • Michael:I wore my YOLO shirt, I pulled it out of retirement one last time for Ray, cause you only live once... and Ray's dead after he leaves here, pretty much. I assume he's gonna turn up in a gutter somewhere, what do you think? ETA?
  • Gav:Month and a half.
  • Michael:Twitch.tv/gutter, you'll see Ray's dead body.

This video is a true masterpiece.