Decided to go into a slight rant about American Horror Story Season 1&2(Murder House&Asylum) since I currently finished the two series. 

To start: The GIF’s alone on Tumblr of Tate and Violet were enough to get me started. It was the teenage girl in me that wanted to see a love story. So I watched the first episode on Netflix about three weeks ago and was very… confused. It was almost like a scary movie but just in a single episode, not to mention the creepy intro. I only watched that episode and then quit that day. It was weird to say the least. There was a slight budding love story, but it was so much more than that. I couldn’t decide after I finished the episode if I loved it or hated it. I didn’t watch it again that day and for the next several days. Then randomly I had so many unanswered questions about that episode and the characters. I loved the fact that it had me guessing and it wasn’t really all too predictable. I was apprehensive to start watching it again but I did. I started it at about 2pm one day and ended up finishing it the next day at around 3 or 4am. I was obsessed with the twist and turns. And most of all each and every character. Almost every single character started out in your head as good and bad, and then the ideas of good and bad shifted and the slowly became both and you weren’t really sure what good and bad was anymore. Mostly seen in Tate, Constance, and Ben. This season was so many different things: A love story, a horror story, supernatural, depressing, a thriller, humorous and that just some about what is contains. And the ending was one I have been dying for, one that doesn’t end all happy and perfect. It tied up important loose ends and answered many questions by the end. In my opinion it was left at a good spot, but no spoilers from me. —- When I finished season one I wasn’t sure how there would be a season two, since the dramatic ending of the first. I was beyond annoyed that s wasn’t on Netflix yet, so before I found the episodes online I read into Asylum a bit. It was a completely different “Horror story” but with almost all the same characters. I had also read a lot about how it didn’t compare to the first season. After a moment a disappointment I still found the episodes and was willing to give Asylum a chance. For three main reasons. One: It was written by the same people so the style would be carried over to this season regardless of the same story being there or not. Two: I have a profound fascination about insane asylums in America’s past. Three: No matter who the characters play, I still found myself attached to them. Season two in my opinion was brilliant. It was much darker than the first season, and it covered many more topics that caught my attention for example: space, religion, murder, suicide, the Holocaust, mental illnesses, and the concept of wrong and right(just to name a few). Asylum carried on similar style to Murder House in fooling you about the characters, like good and bad. It had SO many plot twists. But again no spoilers. I especially loved the ending of Asylum, which didn’t end so happy and perfect, but it still answered all your questions. It only took me three days to finish the whole season. —- Now I can only wait for season three, Coven. I read into it, so I am quite excited.

All in all I would recommend American Horror story to anyone who likes a quality show with risky topics and good acting. AHS has an amazing cast, and so far an amazing story. Truly something for everyone in it.