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Interesting you didn't learn about the wars at school. Both were also fought in parts of Africa. Well, Africans didn't have a big choice, the colonial powers didn't ask for permission (as usual). Don't read all books in a row, or you'll be depressed all summer! Cheers from Berlin

Yeah, I wish we did because I have interests in history and hated not having a good understanding, especially whenever it was referred to in my sociology class. It’s long overdue and I have to this summer. I have read so far of France exerting power over Morocco, and Germany’s jealousy and interference. Really Kaiser Wilhelm sounds like a real spoilt brat so far. i’m looking forward to see how this happens in other African countries too. Thanks, for your comments. I’ll have to fight the depression somehow…

IM1074: Rogue Legacy

By Manuel Fritsch

2013 bereits für Desktop-Rechner erschienen, erarbeitet sich Rogue Legacy einen ansehnlichen Ruf als Indie-Geheimtipp. Im “nicht-ganz-so-perma-Permadeath”-Spiel versuchen die Spieler und Spielerinnen, mit einer ganzen Ahnengalerie von Kämpfern und Kämpferinnen, in klassischer Retro-Manier die vier Boss-Kreaturen eines alten, verwunschenen Schlosses auszutotten.

Der Indie-Hit…

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Look what I found on the flea market last Sunday! A whole box full of vintage oval shaped frames. Most of them with curved glass, many are Bakelite & some even wood with black shellack. The guy who sold them to me had absolutely no idea what a treasure this is. Usually it takes me several month to gather that many frames in this quality. Frame porn!