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so I would just like to state that uhhhh I have no idea who to work tumblr on the computer so I won’t be putting links because i have no idea how… i need someone to teach me… 
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Michael and Ryan | Main Verse

The Achievement Hunter guys had been filming lets play after lets play trying to build up a backlog that they could use when Michael and Gavin left to film Lazer Team. It was exhausting but they were doing well and Ryan was actually quite impressed with their progress. He would never have guessed that it was possible to film so much minecraft in one day but they’d done it and now he was ready to collapse.

It was late and only Michael and Ryan were left in the office, he wines he had loads of editing to do but he wondered why Michael was still around. After a while, his curiosity got too much so he had to ask ‘Hey Michael, what’s keeping you here so late?’