Tout Le Monde & Ahkun are once again joining forces for our final sales event of the season at the Hester Street Fair! Stop by, say hi, and check out some pretty sweet discounts on hand-made artisan items from Cambodia:

- Screen-printed krama scarves from Tout Le Monde for $20 (down from $25)

- Krama scarves from Ahkun for $15 (down from $20)

- Recycled mosquito net laptop cases from Tout Le Monde for $25 (down from $30)

- Wrap dresses from Ahkun for $30 (down from $52)

… and more! We hope to see you there.

Visit us at the @ahkun sustainable design pop-up today at @girlsclubny!

Just finished setting up at the Akuhn Summer Pop Up at the Lower East Side Girls!

Loving what some of the other designers are showcasing, check out a sneak peek of photos from the set up:

See the full gallery on Posterous

Here are the details for the event:

Saturday - Sunday, July 30-31

Lower East Side Girls Club
56 East 1st (btw 1st and 2nd Ave)

Come and say hi!!

Treasures: The High-Waisted Short From Afia


Nothing says summer better than a pair of super-cute shorts, and Afia designer Meghan Sebold has hit the nail on the head with her high-waisted short-shorts, the veritable “MVP” of her summer line. The fun patterns and electric colors come from ethically sourced Ghanaian textiles, and the pieces are hand-sewn by a women’s cooperative in Kpando, Ghana.

Buy a pair for 80 bucks online, or check out Meghan and 10 similarly smokin’ sustainable designers at the Ahkun Summer Pop-Up Sale this weekend in NYC.

Treasures: The Virginia Wrap Dress from Ahkun


Anh-Thu Nguyen, co-founder of Ahkun and my stylish partner-in-hustling, rocked the Virginia Wrap Dress by Circle Cambodia at the Hester Street Fair earlier today. Paired with a cardigan and tights, it’s seasonless.

Available for $52 on ahkun.org. Pictured in steel blue but also available in black, charcoal, and jade.


The item I use most frequently from the Tout Le Monde Cambodia Collection is the Recycled Mosquito Net iPad & Laptop Case from Smateria. Not only is the material rugged and durable, it also has an incredible depth of color and texture. Don’t believe me? New Yorkers can come see it for themselves TONIGHT at the Holstee Sample Sale. I’ll be there along with friends from Holstee, Afia, Skinny Vinny, Ahkun, Runa, and Brooklyn Brewery. Hope to see you there!

To Market, To Market: Tout Le Monde Does The Hester Street Fair


If you’re in New York and hankering for something to do this Saturday, head on over to the Hester Street Fair in the Lower East Side for the official launch of the Tout Le Monde Cambodia Collection! I’ll be hanging out all day with my dear friend Anh-Thu of Ahkun… plus there’ll be loads of delicious food and drink. Full deets and RSVP here.

Treasures: The Krama Scarf From Ahkun


Go to Cambodia, and you might be surprised to notice a preponderance of plaid. Welcome to the land of the krama, a traditional Cambodian checkered scarf that’s used for everything from keeping warm to washing cars to carrying babies. A sampling of less orthodox uses includes:


Gas cap

Rescue device

Weapon to fend off rabid dogs

… Etcetera, etcetera. The krama is a symbol of Cambodian identity, particularly in the countryside. Some say its origins trace back to the time of the magnificent Angkors, who used simple cloths to cover the top portions of their bodies. Today, they’re ubiquitous across classes.

I bought my first krama at the Russian Market in Phnom Penh — a bright pink, yellow, and black number that matched perfectly with my skinny jeans and graphic tees (this was back when hipsters ruled Williamsburg). I love it dearly and use it often.


Ahkun sells a similar version in orange, green, and red that’s perfect for summer. Their kramas are produced by a weaver named Kakeda Sun, based in the Chrouy Ampil village of Cambodia.

A start-up social enterprise based right here in New York, Ahkun works to connect Kiva-funded micro-entrepreneurs, artisans, and co-ops with larger marketplaces by purchasing their goods at a fair rate, selling them online and off-line, and sharing the profits back with the artisans. The long term mission of the organization is to become somewhat of an Etsy for small-scale producers.

I discovered Ahkun at the beginning of the summer, and began working with them to get the word out about their mission, which I believe in fully. Our big project is a summer pop-up at the end of July, where kramas will be available in abundance. Learn more and RSVP here.

If you can’t wait, or aren’t based in New York City, you can order the Ahkun krama in orange/green/red, green/red, and the more traditional blue/white and maroon/white. All scarves are $18, and go to support the efforts of small-scale entrepreneurs around the world.

Shop Consciously, Without Sacrificing Style & Budget


I’ve long bemoaned the fact that socially responsible style is either not all that stylish, or comes at a significant mark-up.

The twelve designers in this weekend’s Ahkun Summer Pop-Up have squarely proven me wrong.

I am beyond excited to have found them, and I’m even happier that they decided to partner with Ahkun to participate in this event and donate ten percent of their proceeds to artisans abroad through the Kiva New York Lending Team.


I invite you all to come out this weekend to the Lower Eastside Girls Club and check out what we have to offer. The products are gorgeous, and the prices are reasonable. Hope to see you there!