ahh-may-zing said:

Hi! First of I love your blog! Okay so I was reading this fic abut Dean having a really hard time not knowing what to do with his "crush" on Cas and Cas using his angel Mojo to 'cause situations in which Dean needed his assistance (like making the impala break down and making his zipper snap of) and I was loving it and now I seemed to have lost the link and I was wondering if you knew the fic and could give me the link... Thanks :)

Sorry I haven’t read that one! And there’s not much to google with that information. If you remember the site (ff.net, ao3, livejournal, etc) and specific terms and phrases, you might be able to do a site-specific google search and find it. Do any of our followers know the fic in question? 

Found by an anon!

Heart Trouble [NC-17, 74,000 word count]

Dean’s having a harder and harder time of denying what he feels for a certain blue-eyed friend of his. And it’s making him a little ornery, and a lot confused.