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Hello friends!

I am in deep money issues now, and my mom really needs money in order to pay bills/utilities plus money for food and we no longer can buy with food stamps anymore as of now and my mom is desperately looking for a 2nd job too as well as I.

It would be a great help if you buy an art commission or spread this around!

  • I will draw OC’s and some fanart
  • $10 for head/shoulder up $15 for thigh/waist up $20 full body on either style 
  • No NSFW please
  • I will upload mostly on weekends plus I will email you the full image
  • Message me if you see a coloring style from my art blog that you want me to draw for you commission

Please send me a message (Off-anon) on tumblr in my ask box on either my art blog or main blog or my email at and we will sort our your order 

I take paypal and credit/debit card invoices thru the use of paypal so its safe for the both of us! 

Thank you for reading!

mannnnnnn i cant wait to wear knee socks and big sweaters and beanies and drink hot coco and watch scary movies and cuddle w/ my dogs and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh