I am kinda sad today..

You know, I really want to get over a crush. I so so badly want to but everytime I see him or his picture, this thought fades. It makes me mad for not knowing how to manipulate my feelings. I know he is way too high for me, I know it. He is a genius, I am a ordinary girl with an average mind. I know I should stop liking him because he likes someone else. I KNOW IT ALL! But for some reason my heart doesn’t want to quit these feeling I have for him. It seems that my heart doesn’t care about what I feel. I know I have to STOP THIS STUPID FEELINGS because seeing him like someone else is really painful yet for some reason I can feel a little pleasure this situation gives. I don’t know what is going on. There are two different people inside me and they are not each other’s complement, they are always contradicting. .. :(

You know what made me write this?Well,this is because the guy I like, doesn’t “like”(as in giving the picture a thumbs up) pictures of other girls in facebook, but lately he has been liking a girl’s pictures. Well, she’s very pretty and perfect so.. yeah..

I just really need a ENORMOUS WAKE UP SLAP/CALL. I just really want to stop. And I hope I’ll be able to do that.