Reversal | waspychapman

        They’re going to have boring-ass lives.
            They’re gonna wish that they were you.
                              You.. are cool.

The woman always remembered her mothers words. Her encouragements. Her motivational comments when school and the bullies got the best of little Alex Vause the daughter of the so called ‘Rock God’ Lee Burley. She got teased over anything and everything. From the thick rimmed glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose.. right down to the worn knees on her jeans. It got to the point where the young girl would wit until her mother drove off ater dropping her off at school.. only to run way and hide away. Anywhere. Only during a heavy Winter snowfall was it then that Alex stumled across the Rock’n’Roll diner. The place smelled of the thick, greasy burgers that sizzled away on the grill, cheap beer and cigarette smoke. The youngster felt sickeningly at home. The music calming her shattered nerves from the thoughts of having to face school the next day.. Or her fuming mother if she ever found out about Alex skipping her classes.
   And although Alex took in her mother’s words and encouraging comments, nothing changed for Alex. Sure the bullying stopping.. when she left school. Only to be replaced by drunken, slurred comments made by the sleazy men that visited the diner that she grew up to pick a job in. Although after months of the constant ass-groping and horrific flirtagious comments, Alex snapped, socking a customer one in the jaw only to be fired for her actions.. even though the guy was obviously in the wrong.
Alex’s black hair, laced with blue at the ends, fell around her shoulders, her glasses just being pushed up the bridge of her nose with a sigh as she heard those familiar words.. again ‘No, we’re not accepting any new employees; Sorry’. Alex’s green eyes glanced around, placing her resume on the counter top.

      ❝ Well how about a Vodka on the rocks then..?

She asked simply with a sigh, the barman replying with a small smile and a nod but Alex looked away before she could return it,  unzipping her leather jacket, placing her purse on the counter as she waited on her drink. God.. she needed a job. Big time. She was so fucked.