SFX: Bradley, how much do you mind being an objectivised lust muffin?
Bradley: I’ll find myself setting out to do a scene and it’ll be a scene where I’m just having a chat with Merlin, and then one of the script editors will come down and say, “We’ve had a message from production: Bradley’s going to do this scene with his top off.” (…)

ぐさり  –  群青の写真


doodles to prove i’m still alive, just really tired and busy. o<-<


Went from lame-o to glaaaamerous.

I cant take a good picture of it, but the new stylist mixed up a suuuper pretty lavender color for the tips of my hair. I’ve been doing this bright purple for so long, but I really like the lavender she did *A* But yeah, first time having someone besides my sister do my hair in years and years, but the girl I went to today was really great and cute, it was fun 10/10 will go again eventually.

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