Woah I actually really liked these? I don’t think digitalizing them would make them better for once! Yay! (also take a look at this 14 year old asshole babe and that  probably also 14 mystery dorkus look at them) also please click for a little more quality!

p.s. i know Dipper is in way less quality but he was just so Paci would fit better and also because he’s hella and enjoyable and easy to draw so why not 

guess who’s gonna watch free es ep9 despite having next to no interest in the rest of the anime because she’s heard that the rinharu is strong in that episode and therefore feels compelled to watch it?

hint: it’s me


here it is this song made everyone cry

Baby Blue Eyes 


"Awesome" Dean grumbled glaring at the busty blonde dragging Castiel to the dance floor. Taking one last swig from his beer, Dean slammed down his glass angrily and turned to the bar tender. "How about some shots?" Dean asked with grin, he needed something stronger than beer.

"Rough night?" the redhead quizzed eyeing Dean, she stole a glance towards where Dean had been looking at previously.

"More or less" Dean answered bitterly giving the girl a simple shrug.

With a small laugh, the bar tender took out a few shot glasses and began to fill them up. “Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she ask you for a dance first?” she quizzed.

Dean scowled looking back at the dance floor. A grin plastered on his face, Cas appeared to be having the time of his life. He had his hands glued on to the girl’s hips and he gyrated his own to beat of the music allowing his dance partner to grind all over him. “So what’s your point?” he asked looking back at the bar tender with a frown.

"My point is, what’s got your knickers in a twist? You declined her offer, so why are you shooting daggers at your buddy over there?" she asked placing a shot in front of Dean. He stared back at her with a frown and she rose an eyebrow at him questioningly. Dean shook his head at her and drank his shot grimacing as the bitter taste burned it’s way down his throat.

He let out a throaty groan and placed the empty glass back on the counter. He took one look at the bar tender Dean smirked. She wore a black corset top with some tight fitting dark jeans and her red hair was in light waves cascading around her shoulders to the middle of her back. She was hot, really hot. In any other situation, Dean would’ve shamelessly flirted with her, but he wasn’t really feeling it tonight.

"No offense uh.." Dean said looking at the redhead quizzically.

"Anna" the bar tender offered with a smirk.

"Yeah, no offense Anna, but that’s really not your problem" he replied with a sarcastic grin. He was being a dick, he knew that, but it really was none of her business.

"You’re right" Anna answered unfazed by Dean’s attitude, she smiled softly at him and placed another shot on the counter. Dean swallowed it without wincing and looked back to find Cas and the blonde face to face basically dry humping each other on the dance floor.

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What I know about American Horror Story from like the one friend I have that posts it


White family buys a house, white dad is like “C’mon honey it’s a fresh start for our family!”
Freaky shit starts happening but they ignore it
Apparently it’s satanic or whatever
The mother gives birth to the antichrist?!
That’s all I know???


Witches fighting to be Supreme Witch
I think it’s like the alpha male or whatever but witch version
Marie Laveau sasses sassy spirits
Zombie boyfriend except he’s hot???
My friend reblogged the one hot boyfriend I’m not sure whether or not he’s actually alive, he’s hot tho 10/10
Witch, please [flicks a finger and throws u across the room]


The post makeup with the black eyes demon thing took like two hours that poor woman