people who can fall asleep within five minute of lying down are not actually human beings but thousands of bedbugs in a flesh suit who dont require sleep and are merely waiting for you to lower your guard

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So.. this boy at my school started making videos..

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DANG. Reading about jealousy makes me feel strangely powerful. *sweats* On a different note, do you have any headcanons about how the Sohoku boys would react in the winter? (Like I dunno playing in the snow or something..)

(do you have something to tell us anon-
and no please that’s so cute)

I did what their favorite things to do in the winter were.

Despite how awkward he is with strangers, Makishima would actually enjoy the Christmas carolers who would stop by his front door during the winter time. Even though they were doing it to everyone who would answer the door, he felt like it was a special thing and would feel honored to be sung to, since he thought he was an alone type of person.

Tadokoro always loved making snow angels when it was winter time. He enjoyed being able to leave an imprint in the ground of how big he was, as if he was having a competition with everyone else to prove he’d have the biggest imprint out of all.

Kinjou would enjoy visiting a café every once in a while, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while he watched the snowfall outside the other side of the window. It was a relaxing feeling, and it made him feel at ease, seeing that everything can slow down and rest easy for once.

Teshima would like to annoy almost everyone with singing Christmas songs. He would sing any song that he could think of, and knew the lyrics to, just to rile everyone up. He would always want someone to sing along with him, so he’d rub up against anyone’s shoulder and try to encourage them to sing as well.

Aoyagi liked to take walks in the city during the winter season, as it was kind of a refreshing thing for him after the events of the Interhigh and the end of club activities for the season. He’d love the feeling it gave him, especially seeing the giant Christmas tree in the center of the city; it relaxed him, and it helped him calm down if he was stressed out over anything.

Even as a favorite memory, Onoda had always loved sledding when winter came around. The slope to his house was the best place to do it, too, and he’d always invite Naruko and Imaizumi over to go sledding on the slope behind his house to enjoy it with his friends. Occasionally, he’d invite the rest of the team over, and they’d all have races down the hill; his mom would make them all hot chocolate to warm up afterwards, too.

Imaizumi, as cliché as it sounds, would just enjoy being alone and drawing in the snow. When the streets were empty, and he was on his way back from school or the store, he’d always stop by a patch of freshly fallen snow and use his finger to draw a little doodle into it. Usually, it’d be a bunny or a bike, but he’d eventually erase it and continue on his way home, as he didn’t want to be caught by anyone.

Naruko’s favorite thing to do during winter is definitely snowball fights; he’d always start one randomly, throwing one at either Imaizumi or Tadokoro (or both, if he was feeling very daring that day). He’d love the thrill that the fight gave him, as he always wanted to be doing something during the seasons.

Sugimoto loved to go through tourist shops or the holiday stores, just to browse through and enjoy the sight of all the holiday décor. He’d find a certain homely-feeling from the activity, and he wouldn’t get tired of seeing the same things over and over again.

Kaburagi absolutely loved to make snow sculptures. Snowmen, snow faces of his friends, snow animals – you name it and he’ll make it. He doesn’t know why he likes to make them so much, but he knows that when winter comes along, he’ll have a whole collection on his front lawn of his creations for all to see.


"WHAT DA FIDDLE-!?" The merchant stumbled forward from the sudden pop behind him, end up planting his face down onto the ground with confetti all over himself.

"…….."  Zeke quickly recovered back onto his feet." A’RIGHT, WHO DID THIS—…." He then saw the treats in the goodie bag, quieting down a bit. Zeke huffed as he starts to munch on the treats. 

Vay arkadaş!

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A List of Brave Frontier Ships (based on what you guys said)

(This does include the Mods’ ships, except for Jan who never shared a full list. I only picked three of mine because I’ll easily forget the numbers. Shipping names are taken from and the number next to the ones below are how often that ship was mentioned.)

Popular Ships (determined by how often they were mentioned)
Dilma x Lilith (4)
Grafl x Falma/SkyRulerShipping (4)
Loch x Edea (4)
Vargas x Lava/FireWingShipping (4)
Xenon x Estia (4)

Farlon x Ramna/FlameGuardianShipping (3)
Lario x Lidith (3)
Mega x Stya (3)

Alyut x Raydn (2)
Douglas x Serin (2)
Kikuri x Sefia (2)
Loch x Dean (2)
Lodin x Michele (2)
Michele x Tiara (2)
Mifune x Kikuri/RisingSunShipping (2)
Sodis x Lunaris (2)
Zeln x Nemia (2)

Ships that Seem Popular on other Sites/Have Bits of Canonity
Aem x Will
Alyut x Lunaris
Arius x Selena
Eze x Emilia
Karl x Seria
Lario x Faris
Magress x Themis
Summoner x Tilith
Weiss x Emilia

Your Guys’ Personal Ships
Alice x Kikuri
Alyut x Claris
Atro x Alma
Atro x Luna
Bayley x Claris
Bayley x Parmi
Duel-GX II x Melchio
Emilia x Amy
Heidt x Rickel
Lance x Claris
Lance x Eze
Lance x Lidith
Leon x Ophelia
Logan x Vishra
Lorand x Aisha (isn’t there a big age gap there?…)
Oboro x Vanilla
Ophelia x Signas
Rashil x Lilith
Raydn x Merith
Sefia x Tiara
Selena x Michele
Shida x Luna
Shida x Lemia
Shida x Logan
Sodis x Alyut
Sodis x Zephyr
Vargas x Selena
Vargas x Vanilla
Weiss x Stya
Zebra x Maxwell
Zegar x Bayley
Zegar x Parmi

- - -
Ehe. I’m actually a lil surprised Dilma x Lilith was mentioned as often as it were. I should probably like, keep this just in case there are any additions. Any thoughts or comments?

~Mod Chu