Fallen Kings Lineup

So here we go. Designs, Roles, Powers, and Taint effect (respectively). Everything will be pretty fleshed out when I start really working on this, especially the Taint effects in action, but here’s a general outline of everything. 
Some notes:

  • Geoff doesn’t have a power other than keeping the other’s powers in check. He’s like Odin.
  • The white kerchief token on Jack’s right shoulder was given to him by Caiti
  • Michael carries both a diamond great sword and an iron gladius and can dual-wield. 
  • Gavin and Jack both carry arrows, though Jack also has a bastard sword he swings around.
  • Ryan’s sporran carries animal feed
  • Ryan is essentially Aquaman
  • Griffin gave Geoff his fur-lined cactus-dyed robe
  • Gavin’s Creeper coattails are attached by button and can be taken off his vest if desired
  • Michael has two prominent scars on his face: one beneath his right eyebrow and one across the same cheek. He states it was from the bear he’s now wearing.
  • The skull painted on Jack’s breastplate is the skull of an Enderman

Ah yes, 6 minutes of these lovable idiots singing 

amysantiagoed said:

fitzsimmons and/or huntingbird!!

you know me far too well huntingbird is here; fitzsimmons!!

  • which one hogs the blanket: fitz in his sleep and it’s so annoying because he will literally take the whole blanket from jemma. not to mention he sleeps like a starfish so not only does he hog the blanket, he hogs the bed.
  • which one cuts the others hair: jemma would never in her life let fitz go near her hair. 
  • which one makes the coffee for the other in the morning: fitz will make jemma coffee, just not in the morning. jemma literally gets up when the sun comes up so she makes him coffee.
  • which one picks up the pizza: they both know the family that owns the pizza place so they both go down together to say hi.
  • which one plays their music on full volume: jemma has been through years of fitz shouting "jemma i’m supposed to be working, and i can’t when you insist on playing taylor bloody swift at full volume in my lab”
  • which one complains about there being crumbs on the bed: jemma. she likes a pristine sleeping area and she can’t be dealing with crumbs.
  • which one is ticklish:jemma. like this is so obviously jemma wth.
  • which one proposed:i’ve said it like 100 times and i’ll say it again, jemma simmons proposed. fitz got to say ""i love you"" first, it was jemma who proposed.

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anonymous said:

Putting it out there seeing as you seem to be obsessed right now: HuntingBird

yes good

  • which one hogs the blanket: bobbi hogs the blanket and lance always wakes her up complaining that his feet are cold.
  • which one cuts the others hair: bobbi cuts lance’s hair. lance refuses to go near bobbi’s hair with scissors because he knows he’ll mess it up and he likes it too much.
  • which one makes the coffee for the other in the morning:lance makes bobbi coffee every morning without doubt.
  • which one picks up the pizza: lance moans and moans about it but it’s him who has to walk through the rain to pick up the pizza.
  • which one plays their music on full volume:ok lance hunter plays his music so loudly that bobbi could probably hear it four blocks away.
  • which one complains about there being crumbs on the bed:lance "bobbi i swear if you eat any more bloody toast on this bed" hunter
  • which one is ticklish:bobbi is ticklish everywhere.
  • which one proposed:(this is my fav bc one of them has canonically proposed to the other) ok it was totally lance -like mid way through fighting he’s just like "we should get married" and they have this whole conversation about it while doing their synchronised couple fighting moves. 

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