oh..I’m a little pissed spoon 2di talked about episode 14 of free! which is actually an episode btw and it said that it’s going to have all the 8 main characters united. It also spoke about Rin being away from everyone Makoto and Haruka’s relationship like stuff like that..but it did not mention ANYTHING ABOUT SOUSUKE AND HIS FUTURE.. I’m worried now the only reason why I’m not upset is bc I didn’t think Kyoani would be stupid enough to leave Sousuke’s future opened ended and we’d get closure some how..but I dunno they haven’t mentioned it yet. I think when I get the magazine I’ll try to actually translate some things because they talk about a lot of important things esp hints on what’s going to happen in ep 14. OR if anyone who is actually fluent in Japanese or understands it easily who would want to translate it themselves I’d be more than happy to upload the interviews. Either way I’m going to cry forever if they don’t give Sousuke a proper end, like idc what else is going on