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well this took me and hannah like 4-5 hours to do owo which is amazing since i edit like a snail xD but omg king gavin is amazing and sajdfkdfhg 

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Part 1; Hannah

Part 2; Me

Part;3 Hannah

Part4; Me


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MEDIA; King Gavin; Fan Art; Mad King Ryan part 2

Song; Warrior; Imagine Dragons

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Okay but

Okay but why are

  • RT staff’s sexuality
  • Who they’re with
  • Why they’re with them
  • Their careers
  • Anything of the sort in their private life

Any of the fandom’s business? 

People hate Meg because she’s dating Gav and they can’t have the impossible, which is getting him. 

People hate Lindsay because she’s in AH and a girl

People hate Caiti because lord knows why

Why the fuck is that any of your business?

Things like this

  • Joelay
  • Mavin
  • Danvin
  • Any ships that will never happen

piss me off so much

I swear to god that the RT/AH fandom is literally just paparazzi, trying to invade their lives because they just want to. There are people who literally get off to these people and it’s disgusting. The fandom makes me sick sometimes.

Deja de verme así —advirtió a quién fuese que le estuviese observando, ya que a pesar de estar de espaldas, percibía una mirada encima suyo. Seguía sin poder retirar la atención de la cámara frontal de su celular, donde no terminaba de creer lo que veía—. ¡Joder, deja de verme así! —exclamó para al fin voltear, quedando cara a cara con uno de sus compañeros—. 


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"Geoff Ramsey: Ass first into danger!"