Agriculture, It’s more than part of life. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a resilient community that works hard to feed the world!

Being Agriculture Proud is simply telling YOUR story. Why are you proud to be a part of Agriculture? Are you passionate about your job? If so, you should find no problem sharing this story with others.

How is this done?

  • Be real and authentic about your passion for Agriculture
  • Show the enthusiasm for your passion
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Make it a candid point of view (everything in life is not flowers and sunshine)
  • Stick to your experience. You can’t defend everyone

Thanks to Jennifer Romano and Talk of the Town! Read here. Quote from yours truly: “As my blog rolls into another year of entertainment, rife with comic book adaptations, sequels, Oscar bait, arena shows, and theatrical productions big and small, sometimes I wonder if I am choking the life right from this hobby of mine. Can you imagine if every time you saw a film that your OCD tendencies forced you to rush home, throw some quippy hoo-ha on the internet, and wait eagerly for 3.5 comments to appear? Ah, well, it’s still too much fun to stop now—anticipate Volume THREE Roy’s Movie Migraine shortly.”

National Geographic Features Cattle Feedlots | Podcast

New Post: Ray Bowman and I discuss National Geographic Feature on Cattle Feedlots | #agchat #ranchlife #CAFO

Meat is murder. Meat—especially beef—is cigarettes and a Hummer rolled into one. For the sake of the animals, our own health, and the health of the planet, we must eat less of it.
Meat is delicious. Meat is nutritious. Global demand is soaring for good reason, and we must find a way to produce more of it.
In short, meat—especially beef—has become the stuff of fierce debate.
Robert Kunzig, National…

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Feeding the World - Starting at Home

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting the Image Builder Award to the Webster, SD chapter of FFA during the state FFA convention in Brookings, SD.  What fun to spend some time in the company of teenagers who fit none of the stereotypes of their generation. Already they understand that the nutrition needs of the globe are theirs to shoulder for decades to come.

There’s a lot about this group that’s impressive. The leadership is young but articulate and commanding. As a body they are respectful, patriotic and charitable – not just through words, but deeds. The photo you see below is what they mean by “feeding the world, starting at home.”


 When I left the event, they had already packaged 53,000 meals. Meals that will feed people that cannot feed themselves. You see, when these kids put on those blue jackets, they put on so much more – an understanding that a good life is earned, then shared.

Not all of these kids will go on to be farmers, but they will all go on to contribute. If you are looking for a worthy organization to sponsor, maybe you can return the favor.

New blog entry from Susie – quote: “Sometimes I feel the state of education/literature/culture, all the way around, is in the toilet. How does anybody ever get smart. In spite of it all I guess? I give up!” Read the rest at the link:

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In the last post, we talked about what animal by-products are. And we focused on the edible by-products. The truth is, there are lots of parts of the cow (or goat, or sheep, or pig) that are not ed…

This is a great explanation to an image that has been going around.  For those of us fortunate enough to have grown up immersed in agriculture and/or continued those pursuits through our collegiate careers, a lot of this is old news.  To some who may come across the image online, there may be some freakout over the bones and sugar or blood or brains.  Marybeth does a good job of explaining those by-products uses.