The Agrestix - “On the Prowl”



This song is the best. The Agrestix rock.


Agrestix - Cash or Cause

anonymous asked:

Hey so I just started getting into the "punk culture" and I started having confidence and not letting anyone ruin my day. My mother screamed at me when I came home with an 11 inch Mohawk. I would appreciate some "punk" bands to listen up on. My brother and sister are helping me out but a second opinion may be helpful. I just went to a dropkick show in Tucson, AZ. I had the time of my life. (I'm 16)

That’s rad dude! Not the yelling bit tho :/ (props to your brother and sister)

There’s tonnes of punk bands about; Charged GBH, Crass, aus rotten, leftover crack, oi polloi, the misfits, youth brigade, the agrestix, the skeptix, X-ray spex, UK subs, dead Kennedy’s, oxymoron, funeral dress, black flag, minor threat, the varukers, nofx, choking victim, chaos UK ect 

Hopefully some people might reblog and add to the list? Help ya out a bit more :) 


I love the Agrestix. Why have I not got to see them live yet? Oh. Because God hates me because I touch myself at night. IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

himhymn asked:

Favorite bands?


The Agrestix

Choking Victim

A Global Threat

Harley Poe

Against All Authority






Toxic Holocaust





Eye Licker


anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite bands to listen too?

Who killed spikey jacket? The agrestix, bad religion, booze & glory, the casualties, the skeptix, monster squad, the exploited, social distortion just to name a few

5kankinatherfunera1 asked:

What are your favorite bands and what has been the best show you've ever been to?

Disturbed, oxymoron, the agrestix at the moment The most recent show I went to (Darlia) was pretty good, even though I thought I was gonna hate it. :P Thank ya! 

anonymous asked:

10, 12, and 6....other than Disturbed :-P

6) Favourite band(s)?: The agrestix, oxymoron, the virus, funeral dress ect

10) Biggest turn on’s?: Nice butt, lip biting, butt grabbing… ass 

12) Perfect date?: Somewhere that you can have a conversation, and be  silly :P 

Cheers :P 

anxiety-bleach asked:

Favorite song, book, and movie? And hi! :D

Hi! The Agrestix- Boot Boys, Confessions of an English opium eater and Avatar! (Sorry about not answering sooner, my laptop died :P)