anonymous said:

Raggedy man, goodbye.

No, Amelia Pond, listen to me! I know one time we would have to say goodbye, but I didn’t want things ended this way. You deserve more than that, Pond, you deserved a better ending. Your story was always the best, you know, because your story was a fairy tale, and no fairy tale ends in a sad way. Things should not have been like this. I was not ready to let you go. You know how much it hurts, don’t you? You must have sensed it when I let you into your house and said that I could no longer play with your fate. I don’t want it to end like this, Amy, and I’m so sorry. I never wanted to believe that one day I would have to see you go. Not you. Not my incredible and mad Amelia Pond. But I’ve been selfish. I should have let you live your life with Rory. I should have let you be happy. But I’ve always been so lonely, Amy, and you could fill the emptiness I felt. You always make me happy and I should have reciprocated and let you have the life you deserved. I was so selfish… I was a monster. And I’m sorry, I am so sorry about that. And I know you would forgive me, and I know you probably would smile at me and say: “don’t be silly, raggedy man"… But Amy, I will never forgive myself. Never. This is a feeling I will not be able to overcome. Just as I’ll always keep missing you. Forgive me. I’ll miss you Pond. Goodbye.