How to piss off a lady lawyer

Few things piss me off more than sexism in the courtroom.

Today I had a scrimmage against a male team in my moot court competition. I did fantastic. No really. I rocked the socks off everyone. I’ve never done so awesome!! ^_^

That being said after one of my judges gave me awesome compliments on my delivery and content I asked the bailiff if he had any feedback. Since he had watched us for 2 rounds. (Also keep in mind this is a 1L.) His only feedback was to point (ONLY) me out and tell me that I was too “aggressive” and that I needed to tone it down!! … . let that sink in. 4 ppl are in this round. 3 are men. 1 is a woman. All competitiors did really in advocating for their side. All made smart, passionate arguments to convince the judge who should prevail.


WTF!! Really, he did not point out my teammate or the other team. Really, the one with the vagina is the only one to be too “aggressive.”

My response was of course to call him out and ask why I am singled out as opposed to all the men in room since they all argued just as “aggressive” as I did. 1L quickly rephrased the question and said it was for all of us not just me.

You know what. I am aggressive and that is why I am going to not just win in moot court but also win in the courtroom. Because “aggressive” women get shit done.

One thing I have learned on both the internet and Tumblr is being aggressive or violent towards others will only stimulate more stress on you, because the ones you lash out to will get 10x worse.
But I also understand ignoring it won’t also solve them. I have been threatened, hacked, harassed and more with online jerks just on PlayStation Home alone. It’s scary and hurtful, and it makes visiting with friends less enjoyable.
I might have a short temper, but I know better how the internet works. So I want everyone to know that being aggressive and/or violent towards others does NO GOOD.
This isn’t a scolding, it’s helpful advice. I hope you can take it as such

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I saw this link on facebook and the slide for Ted Bundy, who had 35 counts of murder. Looked up his birth chart and noticed that he has Moon conjunct Ketu and Mars in Jyestha nakshatra pada 1 (which is an aggessive nakshatra/pada placement). Amazing. This was before I even watched this video.

anonymous asked:


Send me a URL and I’ll answer these questions

My first impression on the Url or their character: I try and stay really removed from the Sherlock fandom bc it’s literally the worst one for crack and I left it like 3?? years ago I forget. My Sherlock days are long gone. But I really admire Andrew Scott so like… Jim Moriarty is my exception SHRUG

Do I Rp with them?: No

Do I want to Rp with them?: Uh. I guess? Idk I’m bad at the thing and asking for the thing and then actually doing the thing in a timely manner

Do I ever have any gifwars or talk to them?: No

My opinion on their character: I like Jim but I don’t like how the fandom view him so I’m both wary and excited?? 

Overall statement: -aggessive shrugging and jazz hands-

Okay, so I was asked two questions through an anon ask just now that has since disappeared.
I was asked if I had been diagnosed with bpd or if I was ‘pretending’ to, to get sympathy/attention.

Firstly, I would like to say there are more civil ways of asking someone questions like this, so quit being passive aggessive.
Secondly, to answer your question, no I have not been diagnosed with bpd. A psychiatrist has tried but according to him I am still dealing grief from the death of my daughter and could not give me a straight answer. He spoke to my gp about the possibility of me having either bpd or a personality disorder but again, nothing has been diagnosed except social and generalised anxiety as well as severe depression.
And no, I do not ‘pretend’ to have bpd, or any disorder to be clear.
As someone who has seen what bpd can do people, I saw it first hand through both my mother and my older sister, I would never use it for anything, ever.

Lastly, I just wanted to ask all my followers a question; have I said I had bpd, and given any indication that, if I did have this disorder, I have used it to gain attention/sympathy?
I don’t see it, but I may be too close.

And just to be clear, I do not post anything on here to get attention or sympathy or cause drama. I post here because no one talks to me here, except for occasions such as these, and because sometimes I just need what is in my head out in the world, one way or another.


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the book came first and they based the movie on it but i think the movie is a lot more popular. i didnt know for aggess that there was a book, i think i came across it by accident actually because my sister has the second book in the series and i noticed it was in the "other titles by diane wynne jones" section. anyway i like both equally, although i haven't read it in a few years.

i had no idea the movie was based on a book! im pretty sure ive heard the authors name somewhere too. I think the book would let one revisualise it differently, ive got to read it now