• lisbon:how you feeling ?
  • jane:excellent, i think.
  • lisbon:it's good to see you breathing.
  • jane:it's good to see you, period.
  • lisbon:we're doing everything we can to find your attacker. you didn't happen to see a face, did you ?
  • jane:no. not that i could remember.
  • lisbon:what's the last thing you do remember ?
  • jane:umm...
  • jane:are we sleeping together ?
  • lisbon:excuse me ?
  • jane:well you're a cop, that's obvious. but you're not treating me like a suspect and i can't see any other reason for a police officer to come to my bedside unless we're... unless we're sleeping together.
  • lisbon:
  • lisbon:you don't know who i am ?
  • jane:please don't take it personally. i'm sure you're quite memorable. i just, i've been through a lot. apparently.
  • lisbon:no.
  • lisbon:we are not sleeping together.
  • jane:we're working toward it, though, right ? so i haven't missed anything. what's your name ?
  • lisbon:
  • lisbon:
  • lisbon:
  • lisbon:are you putting me on ?
  • jane:i wish i was.

After 7 incredible seasons The Mentalist has concluded. Here’s a look back at the strongest female lead ever, Teresa Lisbon, in all 7 season premiers and season finales. Thank you to this incredible show for bringing joy, laughter, love, and yes, even heartache, into my life. It’s been a great 7 years ♥

Jane: “Maybe I should go talk to her”

Abbott: “Yeah”

I love Abbott in this scene because he just found out that Jane tricked the entire FBI into believing that a notorious killer was comming back and would make them look bad on the press, but he’s not like “Jane, you interfered with a serious federal case and you manipulated a crapload of FBI forces to mobilize just to serve your own selfish causes and you’re possibly under arrest cause I’m so angry at you”.

Instead, he’s like “Shit. You screwed up man. Oh boy, is she mad at you now! Sorry I witnessed this embarassing personal moment. You better go make things right now”, like the true shipper he is.

If it's so cut and dried, why are you here ?
  • lisbon:Director Bertram wanted CBI presence here.
  • jane:Director Bertram. let me ask you something. if director bertram wanted a CBI presence to jump off a cliff, would you and your CBI presence jump off that cliff ?
  • lisbon:if there was overtime, sure.
  • jane:
  • jane:
  • jane:that's pretty sad.