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Agents of SHIELD-Beginning of the End


Let’s be completely honest…the finale was so badass! From May and Skye teaming up, and May kicking Ward’s ass, to Trip and Coulson’s plan to get to Garrett, to Fury showing up unexpectedly and saving FitzSimmons and then sassing Garrett together with Coulson. Easily one of the best episodes of the season, it always makes for a great re-watch.

Bottom of the Ocean

Simmons says that she thought they were dead, clearly the scientists thought they would die, so I don’t understand people who think that Ward was doing them a favour, that he wasn’t trying to kill them. This scene is actually so hard to watch, especially the first time, because we weren’t certain that they would survive. And I love Simmons quote about death, regarding the first law of thermodynamics, ‘That means that every bit of energy inside us, every particle will go on to be a part of something else. Maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova ten billion years from now. And every part of us now was once a part of some other thing - a moon, a storm cloud, a mammoth.’ I think it’s a beautiful sentiment, and it also has an element of hope. This is actually my favourite quote from the show.

But even harder to watch was Fitz and Simmons arguing over who would get the breath, and Fitz then telling her that she was more than his friend, and Simmons realising what he meant by that. But of course, because he’s her best friend, she doesn’t want to take it either, and Fitz ends up having to force her to do it. But luckily, Fury shows up out of nowhere, looking for Coulson, and saves them. Unfortunately, Fitz may never be the same because he was without oxygen for so long, and I’m so worried for him in season 2.

Better Than A Bomb

I really loved getting to see May and Skye kick ass together, and am so glad that we’re going to get to see more of that in season 2, given that May is now Skye’s SO. I love when Skye compliments May here, saying that they know what May can do because they’ve seen her through the eyes of their super soldiers. I love watching the both of them bond, especially because we don’t see much of May with anyone else, because her brilliant compartmentalisation skills often means that she doesn’t get the opportunity to bond with others. But I see so much of them in each other, that I honestly believe that this new friendship between them is very healthy for both of them. (Although I’m still holding on to hope that May is Skye’s mother!)

It’s interesting that Skye says that Ward isn’t evil, just weak, because she knows that that will hit the hardest. And I love watching her stand up to Ward, telling him how much of a hero Fitz was because he kept having faith in Ward, he kept giving him a chance. When Ward talks about waking something up inside of Skye, rape threat or not, whatever your interpretation, it’s incredibly disgusting. And even if you believe it to be about making her a monster so that they can be monsters together like Raina states, well that’s not really any better. In fact, the whole act of changing Skye so that she will be with him is actually in itself a rape threat. And Skye introduces May as ‘a weapon better than a bomb which will absolutely destroy you,’ and destroy Ward she does.

Ward is incredibly misogynistic throughout their fight, making sexual comments has him treating her as an object, and it makes me sick to the stomach the way he treats her. Some people get angry at the force May uses to defeat Ward, but I think it’s quite obvious that she has to go as hard as she can to survive him, to beat him. She doesn’t have the luxury of holding back, because she knows that Ward isn’t. And May clearly highlights that she didn’t get to express all of her feelings, because Ward’s still alive. But like Sif, she knows that she can’t kill Ward, because he has other uses for them. As much as she would like to, it’s really not her call if she can incapacitate him instead. And that’s the thing, May could’ve gone harder, she could’ve killed him, but she chose not to, she could compartmentalise her emotions that much during this fight. And I get angry when people say that the only reason May won the fight was because of the nail gun. But that’s the thing, May is the best fighter around because she’s so aware of her surroundings. And also, I think people forget how she beat Ward before in Yes Men, when he was going as hard as he could, so there is a history of it.

Raina and Garrett

It’s interesting how Raina’s relationship with Garrett changes, now that Garrett is ‘connected’. Raina now agrees with Garrett, because they have the same views on evolution, they both want the same thing. I love watching crazy Garrett, talking about the vision of the world that he sees now, and how fascinated Raina is by it. This is why she joined Hydra in the first place, for knowledge like what Garrett now possesses. And I didn’t even realise until watching this episode again, that Raina asks Garrett, ‘What will I become?’ which is the tagline of season 2, so I am extremely excited!

'A Part of Something Bigger'

‘Fury always said a man can accomplish anything when he realises he’s a part of something bigger. A team of people who share that conviction can change the world. So what do you say? Ready to change the world?’ This speech of Fury’s that Coulson tells the team is such an important part of this episode, because it’s exactly what the team is doing. They have limited resources, and really, they only have each other. There is no backup. But together, they know that they have a chance of stopping Garrett, who they know is one of the biggest Hydra threats. And it doesn’t matter that they are up against such great odds, because they know that together, they are strong. Which is exactly the point. They not only have something to fight for, there is a group of them ready to fight.

And it’s interesting from the conversation that Coulson and Fury have with Garrett, to realise that Garrett didn’t understand Fury’s speech, he made it into a speech about a man with more power than others, having the ability to take over others, to get what he wants. It highlights his whole world view, and how the team is different from him, and potentially why Garrett goes mad with the power and Coulson doesn’t.

Mike Peterson

I love that Skye never gives up on Mike, because she knows that he’s a good man who’s been forced to do terrible things, and she understands that. Mike demonstrates this for us when he realises that Ace is free, because now nothing else matters, because they can’t do anything to his son, and he immediately goes after Garrett. This is what makes him different from, and better than, Ward. Because when Mike gets the opportunity, he chooses to do the right thing straight away. He doesn’t even have to think about it. There’s a reason that he hates Ward so much, because Ward constantly sees himself as a victim, but he isn’t forced to be there like Mike is, so his anger is completely understandable. And Skye lets Mike go in the end, because she knows that he won’t do anything like what he’s already done. Because he’s a good man, who is now free.

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FitzTrip 16?


16. brand new neighbours au 

“I think he might be some kind of spy,” Fitz balances the phone as he peers out his blinds into his neighbour’s yard where movers are coming out of the truck with boxes.

There’s a bit of static before Jemma’s voice comes over the phone “Fitz I’m fairly certain the new neighbour is not a spy, I’ve already met him and he seemed quite nice. Skye and I were going to go over to say hello. We were going to bring him a pie, you should come.”

Fitz pauses. “Is Skye baking it?”

He still hasn’t forgotten about the incident with the chipped tooth in the community picnic back in 2010 that involved Skye’s pie. She might be able to cook pretty well but baking always alluded her.

“She’s getting better.”

His response is silence, Jemma sighs. “No, it’s mine.”

Jemma’s pies are great, that’s the only reason he agrees to it. It has nothing to do with catching a glimpse of the new neighbour completing his jog around the neighbourhood and taking off his shirt this morning. Nothing at all.

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  • Bahrain Flashbacks(Is scheduled to Be Fulfilled but still wants it to happen sooner than later).
  • We find out that Jemma took some sort of Drastic Measure to bring Fitz from the brink
  • Fitz being negatively affected about being brought from the Brink
  • IF THEY GO ON A WARD REDEMPTION PLOT…..I would like him to remain a Sociopath. Meaning, he is violent, he is angry, like people and frightening and does the wrong things to save people like killing with no remorse to save a team member. In conclusion..don’t make Ward a goody goody like Regina Mills (as much as I like her plot)….make him Dexter Fucking Morgan.
  • For Felix Blake to be Melinda’s ex husband. I am sorry I will go down with this ship forever. (Or at least have him back)
  • Victoria Hand somehow comes back from the dead.
  • Philinda, Philinda all the Philinda.
  • Audrey making an Appearence
  • Triplett and Raina somehow meet….It will make my Traina shipper heart go BOOM! 
  • Phil tending to Melinda’s Wounds again. 
  • Phil getting kidnapped and Melinda being all epic and saving him.
  • All the Bobbi maybe have Clint make an appearance. 
  • Skye having an apathetic view on life at the moment because her faith is shaking by everything and maybe having it turn around by a near death experience.
  • Trip and Fitz bromance.
  • No one in the core eight (May, Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, Skye, Ward, Triplett, Hunter) to die. (
  • And finally for Coulson to just fucking Lose it and go through extreme emotional whump browine points if it leads to Philinda(if anyone is gonna be a woobie in this….I want it to be him)

Good luck tomorrow everyone and don’t get emotionally compromised.