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alpha and agent texas 
epsilon and the memory of a shadow

a mix for the enduring romance of church and tex, from the beginning to the end


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anonymous said:

Trick or treat! How about the freelancers preparing for Halloween?

The Mother of Invention was absolutely decked out with Halloween decorations (much to the Director’s dislike), but who can say no to Wash when he gives those stupid puppy dog eyes. Was was always the one to initiate decorating for the holidays, it made it seem more like home. Everyone pitched in too, believe it or not. 

North and Maine being quite tall took to the higher areas to hang up the streamers that Wash had procured (from where he didn’t ask), all while Theta made fireworks in the shape of pumpkins and witches right behind them. South, CT and Carolina all took the task of carving pumpkins (who says no to knifing a pumpkin anyway). 

York was too busy off perfecting his costume to help with much of anything. And Florida and Wyoming had disappeared with a box of fake spiderwebs.

Tex refused to help with any of it. Holidays weren’t her thing. But after a little coaxing from Maine she agreed to at least letting someone paint a pumpkin on her cheek.

They didn’t have much to do around any of their holidays so they always made the best of what they could with each other. They were all each other’s family now after all. 

Some snacks were put out on the table and a scary movie was chosen for the night. But before everyone got settled in they promised they would wait to see York’s costume, since he was so adamant about actually dressing up (where everyone else was cool with a little face paint).

After twenty minutes of waiting they finally heard footsteps heading down the hall to turn around and see York in the most ridiculously accurate Batman costume they’d ever seen. Everyone just groaned and rolled their eyes because they all knew that York would insist on being called Batman for the rest of the night.

No one knows about her, she just…showed up one day. We call her The Soldier, but heard a couple of folks call her Tex before too. If you thought Number One was good, well…Tex….she’s something else. Jack of all trades, master of everything. There’s nothing she can’t do. Mostly she’s there for insurance and clean up. She’s ruthless, deadly, efficient…but at her core, she has a good heart. Don’t  say that to her face though unless you don’t want yours anymore.

Tex gets her own post because …well Tex! Like I said before Reds, Blues, and AIs are next. Slowly but surely. My goal is to have them all done really soon cause my friends and I wanna cosplay these to RTX next year —- how legit would it be to roll up in there with everyone? I can dream at least

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