No one knows about her, she just…showed up one day. We call her The Soldier, but heard a couple of folks call her Tex before too. If you thought Number One was good, well…Tex….she’s something else. Jack of all trades, master of everything. There’s nothing she can’t do. Mostly she’s there for insurance and clean up. She’s ruthless, deadly, efficient…but at her core, she has a good heart. Don’t  say that to her face though unless you don’t want yours anymore.

Tex gets her own post because …well Tex! Like I said before Reds, Blues, and AIs are next. Slowly but surely. My goal is to have them all done really soon cause my friends and I wanna cosplay these to RTX next year —- how legit would it be to roll up in there with everyone? I can dream at least

[The Twins] [Thief and Recovery] [Mercenaries] [The Meta] [CT and Number One] [479] [The informant and The Hunter] [Sis] [Kimball] [Sarge and Lopez]

[Bigger @ DA]