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I redid my age gap video from my old account. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know c:

I feel stupid for falling in love with you, I’ll never get an answer in regards to how you feel about me, and even if I did would it be worth it that long down the road?

There’s a feeling inside telling me not to give up on you, I can’t tell if it’s the universe whispering its secrets into my ear or if it’s hope whispering my own desires back to me. I only know one thing and it’s that I can’t stop thinking about you.

I see you every were I go. The blues of the sky reflecting in the water brings me back to drowning in your eyes, when the wind make their way past my head I hear you whispering in my ears, and once the sun goes down the warmth and comfort of my sweater turns into your arms cradling me. I find parts of you in everyone I meet, and to see you everywhere pulls me in each direction. I don’t know where I’m going but at least I’m with you.

—  Lakeside Thoughts (via. periodically-aura)