I’m sure most of you are already aware of this, but 19 feminists and I have been working our little butts off since the start of August on a new women’s magazine. We’re aiming for our first issue to be released in January. It’ll be available for worldwide ordering online, and in select independent book/journal/art stores. We’re trying to raise £6,000 and are currently at just under £2,000, with 5 weeks remaining.

I’m not asking everyone who sees this to donate, I’m just asking for people to reblog this, to share the Kickstarter with their friends and family, to follow the blog and keep updated, and to generally try and support the team. We’re determined to make this into something huge. Eventually we want to find a distributor and have this magazine sold in mainstream stores and supermarkets.

Why does this magazine deserve your support?

Well, think about your average women’s magazine. Think about the cover, the content, the articles, the photos. Women are consistently sexualised, objectified, degraded, and made to feel unworthy thanks to mainstream magazines. Their cover images are sexualised, their articles are derogatory and weight-obsessed, and their fashion editorials are so photoshopped that even the real life models no longer look like that. Fashion editorials frequently feature images of women who are dead, sexually abused, physically abused, decapitated, intimidated. Magazines evoke unneeded competition between women. And it isn’t just about body image, the models used, or size zero clothing. It’s about the stories and article written, the way celebrities are scrutinized, and what questions female actors and musicians are asked in their interviews.

Our magazine, Parallel, intends to be the complete opposite of that. We intend to be liberating, empowering, inclusive, and intersectional. We will represent everyone, no matter your race, size, age, religion, or sexuality. The magazine will talk about community, activism, politics, and feminism in the real world. We will talk to inspirational women, and feature societies and networks who are making a difference.

So please help us out, whether that means donating us a dollar, a pound, a cent, or a penny. Reblog this post and share our Kickstarter with as many people as you can. Follow the magazine on Twitter and retweet us. Like us on Facebook (our 500th ‘like’ on Facebook will receive a free copy of the first issue). Pass the message around.

This isn’t a zine. This isn’t a small DIY publication. We are going to infiltrate the mainstream magazine industry, and we are gonna kick the asses of every misogynistic “women’s” magazine out there.

We are Parallel Magazine, and we are unashamedly feminist.