Agnivarsha - Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film

Agnivarsha – Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film

This is the story of wronged and misunderstood Arvasu (Milind Soman), a brahman by caste, who has become a performing actor. He loves Nittilai (Sonali Kulkarni), who reciprocates his love, but seeks approval of her…

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Sudanese traditional food: Agashe, grilled beef or chicken from western Sudan. Served with Shatta, hot sauce made from peanuts, fresh chilli and lemon juice.

To be continued.

M is for Mumbai, and more mosquitos

Dear Parent,

We spent our first night in Mumbai in the much calmer Bandra home of Vidya maushi. She didn’t make me eat a bunch or do anything at all. We just got to sit back and relax.

The next morning we visited mami Aji, kaku and the kid. Did you know that her uniform includes a vest and tie? What kid needs all that in the heat of Mumbai!

Then we made our way to the Agashe hospital where the doctors came in and out of the apartment. Luckily we had the little maharajah Vyom to host us, and he certainly made sure we weren’t bored or lonely. In fact he took such a liking to Baba that there was no afternoon nap for either of them. While Vyom doesn’t talk much, he is still very expressive. It is also clear that he knows that he’s the king of the castle. But he’s also a fairly easy going kid, ao its not to bad.

The next day we spent most of the day at Ram’s apartment where I finally got some distance from all the mosquitos. We returned to the Agshe’s for dinner and miraculously everone made it to the dinner table for 10pm! Even Vyom was still awake somehow.

Then at 11 I had my confusing airport experience and eventually made my way to London, an hour early and through Munich and not Frankfurt.

Love Anjali