“Fan-throated Lizard” (Sitana ponticeriana)

…a species of agamid lizard that occurs in India, Sri Lanka and parts of Pakistan. Fan-throated lizards typically inhabit sandy coastal areas and open areas in forests and scrublands. They are primarily terrestrial but are known to inhabit trees as well. Like some other lizards S. ponticeriana possesses a brightly colored dewlap, which is used primarily in courtship but can also be used in communication and defense.


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Lacertilia-Iguania-Agamidae-Agaminae-Sitana-S. ponticeriana

Images: J.M. Garg and Dr. Caesar Photography


Hump-nosed Lizard (Lyriocephalus scutatus)

also known as the Lyreshead Lizard, the hump-nosed lizard is a species of Agamid lizard native to Sri Lanka. It gets its name from a small knob on the top of its nose which i can only guess is used in display. They also have a dewlap under their chins to deter predators. They are often found in wet forests where they do lizard things….



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