The Raven III

I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.

Edgar Allan Poe

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Ultron takes abrupt turns in scenes… He’s really batshit crazy. In many ways he’s a child, this character, because he’s a brand new being who’s just come to be. And yet, through artificial intelligence, he has an incredible capacity for knowledge. So he’s a very powerful, smart child.
—  James Spader on the aspects of Ultron that drew him to the role.
Tavern Song
  • Tavern Song
  • Female Bard
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Livestream

(thought people would love to listen to the beautiful song, translated the lyrics the best I could by ear.) 

Empress of Fire  

In the reign of the Lion, 

Eclipsed in the eye of the Empire

Of we, of easy eyes.

Empress of Fire, 

What season they come

We fight for the day you restore our hearts,

And bring us to Glory, We are forever in your graces

Empress of Fire, save us, everyone.

The Nation reviles the courses but run and the end has begun.

Empress of Fire, believe in us all,

Embrace us with arms and brace us with swords,

And light up our hearts with blood so warm. We are forever in your graces.