Alexa Chung has collaborated with AG Jeans to create a collection of denim pieces including mini skirts, overalls, and jeans. 

"I wanted to make these jeans that I had in my head but I couldn’t find. For me, the frustrating thing is that if I manage to get the rise or the leg right, then I feel like the pocket placement is quite strange and then you get that “long bum.” With AG, I was keen on playing around with that, making it flattering on the bum. Basically the biggest thing was the fabric: We borrowed a lot of the actual denim from men’s jeans. I don’t really like anything too stretchy. I think it is actually more flattering to wear a thicker denim that holds you in."

It is, essentially, my dream collection released by my dream girl.

The promotional photo shoot has Alexa bearing a clean face with a perfect bright red lip (a look that I believe will always be essential) and her signature hair style.If her goal was making me want to dress as childishly and carelessly as I did when I was 9, then she has succeeded. Effortlessly chic and rough around the edges.

The dream of thrifty 90’s denim is alive via Alexa Chung. 

"I wanted to look at how men wear denim and try and replicate that fabric wear in the women’s collection. It was just the effort to make something that someone will really love, cherish, keep forever, and wear day in, day out."