Do you enjoy acting? Do you LOVE to cosplay? Would you like to become a part of the BelleCON cast? Then come on out and audition for one of our stage shows! Auditions will be held on November 8th & 9th as well as the 15 & 16th: We will be showcasing each individual show as more information becomes available. The first to be mentioned is the Anime Fairytale Theater show! Below is a summary of our show…

"On their search for the Samurai Who Smells Of Sunflowers, Mugen, Jin and Fuu wander through a small village not unlike so many others across Japan. However, this village is being torn apart, as two rival gangs fight for control of territory. Falling into a tangled web, the trio is divided on opposite sides of a war."

This show will feature characters from Samurai Champloo, Kill La Kill, Rurouni Kenshin and MORE! Doesn’t that sound cool?! Come show us what you can do at this year’s auditions! We look forward to seeing you there! (n_n)b

For more info in the auditions and the AFTT character list, click here:


AFTT : After Tea Time