Happy Birthday Mabel! I hope you have a good one :)

I know we haven’t talked much but I wanted to draw you something for your birthday, I hope you like it.

I was trying to make Meredy’s snowflake dress have a Lyon kind of colour scheme for a bit of Lyredy but this was the closest I could get l’D

It’s not the best  but I plan to recolour it when I get a new tablet.

I need to go to bed now its 4:30am. I wanted to finish this before I did.

                      Fräulein Elsa’s Valentine’s Day - Follow Forever !!

           Meine Lieblinge. ♛ 
ixmthelaw​ →  You are one who understands me best. Literally. The 
                     world is so small. Who would have thought that
                     the best people can also live next door? Always
                     know that I’ll support you, no matter what. 
                     Ich liebe dich.

mxrdrake​ → You don’t even know how awesome you are! I’m so
                     glad we can share the Marsdrake feels, yay. But 
                     what makes me even happier is the fact that we 
                     talk ooc so very often. Soon, soon, soon, I’ll be 
                     there to give you countless hugs until you get 
                     super annoyed. Yep. Ich liebe dich.

headmistressgoode → You are my bae — always have been,
                     always will be. You are so beautiful, inside &&
                     outside. Girl, your blog is my favorite, tbh. You
                     are an amazing writer and our threads make me
                     laugh && cry. Also, you were the first person on
                     here I started to adore. Last September. Yep. 
                     Ich liebe dich.

           Meine Sonnenscheine. ♛ 
     ╔                                                                                                ╗
        puliitzerdevilmaryeunice fionaxgoode magicaldelightsofstevienicks
        thesmileclown tiamoelsa zinnerthesinner horrormedsandclaws
        thequeenalone amazoniisms fancynecromancer wednesdcy
     ╚                                                                                                 ╝
     →  Each of you guys is awesome. I wanted to add you on here,
     because, yeah, you simply belong to my Follow Forever. I love
     each of your blogs && threads && muns (ugh, those I know, 
     I mean). This is made to prove it. Thank you. Ich liebe euch.

in case anyone is wondering I am still emotionally compromised by once in a lifetime

a-piece-of-nirvana asked:

Seeing your recovery posts is amazing! Keep your head up, you are really beautiful and you look so much more happy in your "after"-pictures :)

Aw thank you lovely, I am so so much more happy now <3